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Echo Cluster
The Official VGA Planets Newsletter
Volume 2. / Issue Number 4.
April 2004

Ed Robinson E-mail me

Lady Kate
Tim Wisseman

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Welcome to the VGA Planets Newsletter! This edition features another article by Lady Kate. Also continuing column by Merlyn. We are also doing a feature on the new addon, TVCR2 by Relic! Relic has put a lot of work into this addon, and its turning into a good addition to the community. There is a starting feature on playing multiples of the same race in games also. Read on and enjoy!

Ed Robinson, Editor

"Thoughts From the Cave"
By Merlyn

The Privateers

Well It's time to share some info about my favorite race, The Privateers.

The Privateers also known as the Ferengi do not have the best ships. The borrowed a couple designs from the Fascist. What they do have is the capability to build ships that have GRAVITONIC accelerators. The three ships they can build that have the GRAVITONIC accelerators are the Meteor Class Blockade Runner, the BR4 Gun Boat and the BR5 Kaye Class Torpedo Boat. These three ships travel at a rate of twice that of a normal ship. At warp factor 9 these ships will travel 162 light years in one turn. These ships can also cloak. The major drawback is their very small size and cargo room. They are also unable to survive even a single impact with a space mine.

The Privateers can capture starships in space that are out of fuel. To capture the helpless enemy starships they need to lock a tow beam onto the enemy starship. When they do this the capturing vessel beams over armed crew members to take over the enemy starship. When the starship is secured (all the enemy crew jettisoned into space) half of the capturing starship's crew or a full compliment for the captured starship (which ever is less) will beam over and man the captured starship.

As stated above the crew of the captured starship is ejected into space except for Solar Federation, Privateers , Evil Empire and Colonial starships. With these races some of the crew members will rather go traitor than be ejected into space. the following shows the percentage of original crew members that grovel well enough to be kept on as lesser crew members.

Race        Traitor

Feds          90 %
Empire      40 %
Colonial    70 %

Now that we understand all of that let's get into the good stuff.

When you first start the game build ships. I found the best to be mcbr's with Heavy Disrupters and mark4 or mark5 Photon Torps. The torps are not for fighting but for mine laying if necessary. The Privateers also have the ability to fine tune their beam weapons so that you can kill off those pesky crew members who so selfishly wish to keep you off their ship. Privateer beam weapons receive a 3X bonus vs. life. If you examine the beam weapons you'll notice that 2 of them, the Disrupter & Heavy Disrupter, already do quite heavy "life" damage. Combine these with the 3X advantage and you get a very powerful weapon. Buy these beams for your ships. Heavy Disrupters also clear minefields quite fast when you have a group of mcbr's equipped with them.

There are many facts about playing the Privateers and they are well documented and most can be found at Donovan's site but before I wrap this up I want to talk about one that is not talked about much that has brought me quite a bit of luck lately. If anyone can come up with a name for it please let me know.

As early as you can in the game either bargain for a Super Star Destroyer from the Evil Empire. If they will not bargain then you are the Privateers so steal one. I am in 4 games currently and have over 5 of them in 3 of the 4 games. I am not an Ally of the Empire in any of these games either :-)

Now I build BR5's in the beginning of the game and their sole purpose is to find enemy star bases. Then for every SSD I acquire I build a BR5 to tow it as the BR5 has the GRAVITONIC accelerator and two engines which makes it a good tower.

The Super Star Destroyer with no damage can perform an "Imperial Assault." Any race that owns this starship can use this ability to their benefit. To perform this attack the starship needs to drop ten clans on an enemy planet. Once this is accomplished the planet will be captured. The only defense against this is actually damaging the starship before it can drop clans. This will work against all planets. This starship is immune to the planetary ATT and NUK friendly codes. The assault will destroy all defense outposts.

I think you can see where I am going from here: Now the trick is to keep your SSD from getting any damage. No problem, just make sure you are out of fuel when you arrive at a planet or starbase. How do you do this? There are many ways to calculate fuel usage and I will not get into them here but it might make for a good future article. I will say it is much easier if the host default for gravity wells is turned on that way you can run out of fuel anywhere within 3 light years from a planet and will be sucked into the planet even when you are out of fuel.

I usually tow the SSD to about 40-50 light years of the intended planet/starbase I want to take over. I calculate the amount of fuel needed to get me within 3 light years of the planet/starbase and transfer any remaining fuel to the BR5. I send the SSD to the planet/starbase and send the BR5 cloaked to the planet. The next trn transfer 1 KT of fuel to the SSD and drop 10 clans to the planet/starbase. the next trn the planet/starbase is yours. Now you have other options available to you depending on haw many ships are parked outside the planet.

We will discuss your Options in next months issue and maybe have a name for this maneuver also!

If there is anything you would like discussed or you agree or disagree with anything in our column send us your comments at: Merlyn@thelastdomain.com and we would be happy to talk about it or post it in the upcoming months.




Gambit Failed
By Lady Kate

She woke suddenly to the beep of her communicator. 'Commander R'Laucke,' came the disembodied voice 'sorry to wake you, but you have a priority communication. Audio only. The senders identity is unknown.'

It took her a few seconds to reorient herself. The night before, she had been reading through old terran histories on communication. Using wires and keyboards to communicate seems so primitive to her. *Indeed it was* she thought to herself. 'Send it through sub-commander.'

'Hello R'Laucke' said the voice.

Unable to place the voice, but thinking she may just still be too tired to think, she replied 'Yes? And you are?'

'You would not know me. We have never met. I watched your presentation at Karhammur. It seemed as if you were speaking directly to me. Your hair, worn so differently from that of other Romulan command, you were talking to me, and I have finally found you.' The voice echoed through R'Laucke's quarters as she tried desperately to place this voice. The conference at Karhammur was many years ago, before she had been given her command. Who was this person and what did he want?

'Who are you?' She demanded, as she thought about how this kind of behavior was supposed to be gone from this day and age. This is the kind of stuff that happened in terran history, not in the Romulan present.

Before he could reply, the transmission was cut, and a very urgent voice broke in. 'Commander R'Laucke to the bridge, we are picking up a Borg star base which appears to have a Firecloud class cruiser orbiting.'

When she arrived on the bridge of the Dark Wing class warbird Talbok, her officers were in full focus as they stared down the small Borg vessel from the safety of their cloaked position. 'Bring us into close standard orbit. Maintain transporter range to the vessel. This would be a great prize for the Empire. It could really help bring balance to this war. Sub commander K'Tain, could you join me in my ready room?'

She turned to her ops officer 'Keep me informed of any change in status of either the base or the Firecloud.' With that, she left the bridge and headed to her ready room followed closely by her security officer K'Tain.

'K'Tain, what do you know about that message I received earlier? Who was it and where were they sending from?' demanded the commander nervously. Ever since she gained the command of this ship, her chief of security had been there for her, almost like the counselor onboard those Federation starships. She could talk to him about almost anything. This was a very rare relationship on a Romulan Starship. There were always things to be looking out for when deceit and treachery were not terribly common, but were almost an accepted way to gain ground. Having and giving a person your trust was a thing to be cherished here, and she took refuge in her security officers way of always listening and being very supportive in both command and personal matters. She liked to think that she gave back the same, but sometimes was not sure. This was one of those times. 'K'Tain, this is really making me nervous. The person who was on the other end of that transmission knew about my speech from over 5 years ago. There were maybe 50 people there and it was not covered by any media. He tracked me down here.'

'What did he want?' asked K'Tain.

'He didn't say. He just said that he knew who I was, and that he had finally found me.' she replied. His next question, which was more like a statement was exactly what she expected.

'Have you contacted you husband yet? He should probably know about this.' said K'Tain, fulfilling the mental prophecy of R'Laucke.

'No. I am the commander of one of the most powerful ships in the fleet. I am not going to let this upset my command. I have many people here that will help protect me if need be, and this is probably just some mental deficient with a little bit of knowledge that is trying to rattle me. What I would like is for you to try and find the source of this, and also, I give you permission to monitor all subspace activity to and from this ship. Hopefully we will never have to speak of this again. So K'Tain, how is he courtship of your new lady friend going...'

Later that day, R'Laucke's door chime rang. She looked up from the charts she was going over. It looked like there was going to be war soon. Tensions with the Federation were growing again. The Klingons were moving war ships close to the neutral zone. They claimed it was for training purposes only, but R'Laucke had been through this many times before, and knew better. 'Come' she called, as she laid down the data pad she was holding.

'Commander, you asked to be informed of any changes in the Borg status. Well, we have done a complete passive scan of the area and we have determined that the Firecloud has no fuel. This would appear to be the perfect time to capture one. Intelligence has been looking forward to getting one of these ships to see how it works. If we can take this one, it would be a huge victory for the Empire and could very well turn the tide in this conflict.'

'Why did you come here personally sub-commander? Are the intership communications having problems?' she asked sarcastically, knowing there were no problems.

'No commander! To be quite honest, the security chief sent me. He thought it would be best for you to hear this in person, and for me to escort you to the bridge.' he said.

This is strange thought R'Laucke. Why hadn't K'Tain come down here and gotten her. Had he known of the latest subspace transmission that had been sent to her? Certainly he didn't yet. *What are you doing R'Laucke* she asked herself. You are becoming paranoid. This is your own hand picked operations officer, you can trust him. 'Of course. Forgive my sarcasm. Things have been a bit stressful for me.'

With that, they proceeded to the bridge of the Talbok. Upon entering the bridge, R'Laucke relaxed a little and as the ops officer returned to his post, she noticed that K'Tain was nowhere to be seen. 'Status' she ordered.

'The Borg ship is still just sitting there without fuel...cloaking status is nominal...maintaining close standard orbit' came the various responses from the bridge officers.

'Excellent. Prepare to lock a tractor beam onto the ship and set course for the Mirak star base, warp nine.'

'Tractor beam ready sir.' replied the crewman at the engineering console.

'Prepare to decloak, lock tractor beam and engage warp on my mark. We need to make this as clean as possible. We don't have any support in this area, and any failure could mean our deaths. All right now...decloak and engage NOW!'

With that order, a flurry of activity took over the previously tense calm of the bridge. The maneuver went off without a hitch, and soon they were at warp nine heading for Mirak. It was going to take quite a while to reach the base, and that fact make R'Laucke relax a little bit. She could go back to her quarters and not do anything or think about anything or anyone. With those thoughts still in her head, she left the bridge and returned to her quarters. She laid down on her bed and was soon in a deep but restless sleep.

The next day passed without incident onboard the Talbok. All attempts to enter the Borg vessel had failed. R'Laucke wondered why, for a ship the size of a Dark Wing, that it did not carry a boarding force for situations just like this. Her security team was simply not large enough to capture the vessel, but since it was without fuel, there would be no way it could fight or cause trouble, so she would have to wait until they arrived at Mirak.

'Commander R'Laucke to the bridge!' came the voice through her communicator. *What now? * Thought R'Laucke as she left her quarters. She had spent most of the time since finding the Borg ship in her quarters. She kept telling herself that she was doing work, accomplishing things, but in reality, most of the time was spent unconsciously dwelling on the mysterious person at the other end of the transmissions. When she stepped out of her quarters, two guards immediately flanked her. She had told K'Tain that she thought this was totally unnecessary, but he insisted, and she did not argue because he was really looking out for her best interests.

She walked silently and swiftly to the bridge. Upon arrival, she noticed it was dim and bathed in yellow light. 'What is wrong?' asked R'Laucke in a way that was more a statement than a question.

'Sir, sensors have detected two Klingon ships, one bearing 225 z-plus 45, and the other is at bearing 45 z-minus 45. They are moving on an intercept course. They are D-7 class ships sir. No threat to us.' reported the tactical officer.

'Why are they not under cloak, and why are they moving to intercept? Surely they know they are no match for us.' pondered R'Laucke aloud. 'I want a tactical analysis of all Borg and any other vessels in our long-range sensor area. I want to meet with all senior officers in ten minutes. If anyone needs me, I will be in my ready room. K'Tain, join me.'

Once they were in her ready room, R'Laucke turned to K'Tain. 'What have you found out?'

'Nothing so far, commander. We have not been able to trace the messages or the communications. They seem to be changing locations and routing through anonymous nodes. They are fairly clever. We do have limited resources onboard to track this, but perhaps when we reach Mirak, and can use the bases resources, we will be able to better.' replies K'Tain. His frustration at not being able to solve this was very evident on his face.

'Thank you. You do give me peace of mind. I know you will do what ever you can.' said R'Laucke to hopefully allay some of his sorrow and frustration.

In the meeting room, there was a very uncomfortable energy that R'Laucke picked up on immediately. She took her seat at the head of the conference table and said 'So what have we found out?'

The tactical officer stood and moved over to a large display screen. 'Sir, we have analyzed many possible scenarios here. The most glaring fact is that we will not be able to evade the Klingon ships. Their position, course and speed indicate that they are intentionally trying to ambush us. As I said, there are several possibilities here, but the most likely scenario is very unsettling, and will limit our options. Our sensors have not detected any threatening Borg activity in our sensor area; however, we took the liberty of contacting several of our scout ships that are in Borg territory. All Fireclouds are accounted for, but there is one that is about 300 LY from here in the BD-12 system that has three Biocide and three Annihilation class ships less than one month away from it.'

'The Klingons are allied with the Borg.' stated the commander. Her face was stone cold and unflinching as she thought about what this meant. 'Continue sub-commander.'

'I think you are correct in thinking the Klingons and Borg are allied. Our analysis also indicates that we have placed ourselves in a win-win situation for the Borg, or rather a win-way out of losing a Firecloud situation.' said the tactical officer. He continued after a short pause. 'Since the Firecloud is without fuel of any kind, we will be unable to effectively destroy it. If we are able to get it back to Mirak, we will be able to capture it, tear it apart and build our own. The Borg cannot let that happen. Given the location and course of the Klingon ships, we have no way to evade them. They will intercept us. Their plan appears to be that they uncloaked so we would see them, and one of two things would happen. First, we believe they have no intentions of engaging us unless they absolutely have no other choice. Either we would continue to Mirak, and they would not engage us, but rather than go back into cloak and still intercept us. When they arrived at the same point in space, they would transfer fuel over to the Firecloud, and the Firecloud at BD-12 would be ready to open a subspace conduit and arrive at our location with six warships, easily enough to destroy us and there would be a Borg fleet in our territory. We believe that this is really their secondary plan. We think that their primary plan was to have the D-7's uncloak, to force us to transfer fuel to the Firecloud, and destroy it. The Borg are not ready to engage us with their full force, and having to allocate a fleet of six warships to this would leave them vulnerable. They can not let us capture this ship, and they are prepared to back up that position.'

'What are our options?' asked R'Laucke.

'Well sir, we really don't have any options. We must transfer the fuel and destroy the ship. If we keep it, we will have a Borg fleet on top of us and at our base on Mirak. We do not have the reinforcements to repel such an attack. Either way, we will fall right into what ever trap the Borg have laid for us.' said the tactical officer very solemnly.

Following is a general strategy, the first of some parts on playing the Colonies, written by "Cain".

The Colonies Overview

The Missing Colonies of Man as you may or may not know are patterned after the Colonial Warriors in the Television series of the late 70s, Battlestar Galactica. Tim Wisseman used them as the background for this race, and as such the Colonies are considered what is commonly called, a "carrier race" in VGA Planets. If you don't know what a carrier race is, then let me simply say that it is a race whose primary strengths revolve around Carriers, or ships that house fighters.. And those ships are used for fighting.

Since the Colonies are a carrier race, that leads us into their special abilities... the use of fighters. The Colonies use fighters for more than just shooting up other races' ships. They use them for a myriad of other tasks, both in the regular "vanilla" games, as well as in games with certain addons, Like Raceplus (which I won't discuss here), and Starbase Plus (which I also won't discuss here).

So the Colonies main abilities pretty much revolve around their most valuable commodity.. the fighter. Many races value the Colonies friendship for this reason. So lets not bother with getting into the Colonies special abilities. I am writing this with the hope that the player is somewhat familiar with their special abilities already.

Starting Out

There are lots of opinions out there as to how the Colonies player should start their game. I am of the opinion that one of your valuable commodities besides the fighter, is your clans. At the start of the game, I set my homeworld tax rate at 0.. yes.. At 0... this will make your clans grow much faster than if they are taxed. Why do this? For a couple of reasons. Number one is that you have access to money other than taxing your clans. You have that ship called the "Lady Royale". This ship is very valuable to you... not as a fighting ship per se this early in the game, but as an income generator. I usually wait until around Turn 3 or 4 to build one these, but since it came up I will talk about it here. If you don't know what the Lady Royale does, then go read about it (See above). Its very important to your strategy and economy. So, since you have set your taxes at 0, you probably also started out with two free ships, maybe. If this is the case, then you should have a Taurus class Scout, and a Small Deep Space Freighter. The Small Deep Space Freighter (hereafter referred to as SDSF), is pretty much useless to you in the future.. Load it with some clans, and head it out into space.. With some supplies on it preferably. Your goal is to send this to an unexplored planet and use your COLONIZE mission with it.. to colonize a planet. (This will cause the ship to be lost, but like I said, its useless to you in the future anyway.) The other ship, the Taurus Class Scout, load it with some clans, and supplies and send it out to find a planet to colonize.. but keep this ship.. it can serve a purpose later. Ok, so you have your taxes set, and your two ships going, now what to do with your Starbase? Well.. you need to make sure that you get your hull techs up to at least Tech Level 4. This is because you are going to build your first ship, which is the Cobol Class Research Cruiser. This is one of your MOST IMPORTANT ships in the game. This ship has a ramscoop that allows it to basically "fly for free", and generates its own gas... enough to give to other ships (we will get into that later). So this ship will be able to go into deep space without worry of getting fuel.. so you want to get your techs up to build this ship. Give it some decent beams, X-Rays are ok, and it doesn't matter what type of torps it has, this ship isn't designed to fight.. its designed for other uses... which will also be talked about in depth later. For now you are going to use this first Cobol as an explorer.. because it also can use its Bioscanner to scan for Native Life forms... so this is the first ship I build.. so build this puppy.

Ok, now you have your first ship being built, and your taxes set, and your empire is beginning, so lets go into the later turns... after you first start.

When you get into your second turn, you have built your Cobol, so now you load it. It has a cargo of 250, so load it with a combination of Clans and Supplies. This first Cobol will be one of your early Colonizing ships. Send it to distant planets, that is uses it's Bioscanner to detect good native planets, and colonize them for later upgrading. You will be bringing in more colonists later with your Large Deep Space Freighters (hereafter referred to as LDSFs). Here is where your personal preference comes into play as to what your next ship to build is. You pretty much have a choice depending on how you want to play your cards. Do want a military build up or do you want to expand your empire further? If you want a military build-up, if worried about hostile neighbors, then I prefer at this point to build a Patriot Class Light Carrier. This is a very versatile ship, and sometimes neglected, but I build lots of these. (You will find out later). The Patriot only holds 30 fighters, but this early in the game it is a good homeworld defense ship. Plus you should already have some fighters on your Starbase (and you build fighters in space) so 30 fighters isn't a big problem right now. If you want to expand your empire, then I suggest you build another Cobol, just like your first, and use it for the same thing you are using your first one. To colonize. (These two ships are also very good bargaining or trading tools also.. Since they can be traded or sold, and you aren't giving them Cobols with high tech beams or Torps.)

Look for a continuation of this strategy in May 2004's Newsletter!

Monthly Help brought to you by Donovan!

Planetary production

The main use of planets lies in the resources they provide. Apart from money generated by taxing the natives and colonists, planets produce supply-units and minerals.


Supplies are generated in two ways: from factories and from Bovinoid natives.

Factories produce one supply-unit per factory. No further conditions have to be met. If you take over an enemy planet with 200 factories and you only have one clan on the planet, the factories will still generate 200 supplies. The amount of factories will start to decay, however, if you don't bring in enough clans to support this number of factories.

Bovinoids produce one supply-unit per 100 Bovinoid clans (one per 10,000 Bovinoids). One colonist clan is needed per Bovinoid-generated supply-unit to actually collect these supplies. Nine million Bovinoids will for example only generate four supplies if a player only has four colonist clans on the planet.


The amount of minerals extracted from the planet is based on the number of mines and the mineral density: 100 mines will extract 50 kilotons of Duranium if the density of Duranium on the planet is 50%.

By default, the Feds mine at 70% of the normal rate (in the above example they'd mine 35 kilotons).

By default, the Lizards mine at 200% of the normal rate (which would result in 100 kilotons in the above example).

Mining rates are host-configurable per race.

Reptilian natives double the speed at which mines are extracted from the planet. In the above example, if there were Reptilian natives the mines would extract 100 kilotons of Duranium. The Federation with Reptilian natives would mine 70 kilotons, Lizards with Reptilian natives would mine 200 kilotons.

The amount of minerals in a planet is rated at five different grades.

1. none ( 0 KT )
2. very rare ( 0 to 99 KT )
3. rare ( 100 to 599 KT )
4. common ( 600 to 1199 KT )
5. very common ( 1200 to 4999 KT )
6. abundant ( 5000+ KT )


DOSplan does not show the exact mineral density rates. According to the online hostdocs, it uses five degrees of density, corresponding with the following densities:

1. very scattered: 0-9% (ten mines can extract a Kt per turn)
2. scattered: 10-29% (five mines can extract a Kt per turn)
3. dispersed: 30-39% (three mines can extract a Kt per turn)
4. concentrated: 40-69% (two mines can extract a Kt per turn)
5. large masses: 70% and better (one mine can extract a Kt per turn)

Trans-uranium mutation

Each turn, an amount of new minerals will be formed in the planet's core. The exact amounts are determined by two factors: the host-configurable Isotope Trans-uranium Mutation rate (by default set to 5) and the mineral density at the planet.

New minerals are formed according to this formula: Minerals formed = density percentage * mutation rate /100

This is calculated for every mineral on every planet. An example: at a mutation rate of 5 and a Duranium density of 60%, 3 kilotons of Duranium would be formed each turn.

The preceeding section is but a small portion of Donovan's Help Section. To visit Donovan's Site, go to http://www.xs4all.nl/~donovan

Playing Multiple Races in the same game

This is the first in a few articles about having multiples of the same race in a VGA Planets game. This is featured mostly from the PHOST standpoint since that is what was mostly used. The following is a game in which it is set up to have three players playing the Federation, one playing the Klingons, three playing the Privateers, one playing the Borg, one playing the Crystals, and two playing the Empire.

Start with your PHOST PCONFIG.SRC file... there are several settings in this file that must be changed..

PlayerRace = 1,1,1,4,5,6,7,8,5,5,8
PlayerSpecialMission = 1,1,1,4,5,6,7,8,5,5,8

These two configs have to match what races are being played.. the above reflects my current game Multiplicity, where I have 3 Feds, 1 Fascist, 3 Privateers, 1 Borg, 1 Crystal, and 2 Empire players. ** Be sure you remember what race is playing what Race Number, its important later as well as when you are signing up the players.

Its also important to look at the other configs too to make sure they match your races.. for example:

RaceMiningRate = 70,70,70,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100

ColonistTaxRate = 200,200,200,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100

NativeTaxRate = 200,200,200,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100

You can see that these match for the Race numbers above.. reflecting the Feds 70% Mining Rate, and their 200% taxing rate.

GroundKillFactor = 1,1,1,15,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
GroundDefenseFactor = 1,1,1,5,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
FreeFighters = 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,10,0,0,10

Above you see again that the factors have been made to match the races played. For example Race 2 would normally reflect the factors for the Lizards, but here they are made for the Feds.

ShipCloneCostRate= 200,200,200,200,32767,200,32767,200,32767,32767,200

Above you see this setting also changed.. you can see it reflects the races that are not allowed to Clone's rates.. Privateers and Crystals.

AllowExtendedMissions = Yes
ExtMissionsStartAt = 20

These are two important settings. You need to allow Extended missions in order for your special ship/race missions to work properly. And of course your "Mission.ini" file is used in this regard. (We'll talk about that later).

AntiCloakImmunity = Yes,Yes,Yes,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No

Another setting that needs to be changed to reflect your races abilities.

UnitsPerTorpRate = 100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100

The above is changed, taking out the 400 that was set for Race 9, reflecting the ability of the Robots, which are not playing in this game.

ExtraFighterBays = 3,3,3,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

The above reflects the Feds Bonus fighter bay ability...

The preceding is only the start of a few articles on this unigue way of playing. Look for more information in the next few newsletter issues.

Bulletin Board

Posted the latest version fo Tactical VCR 2 and basic guide which is a work in progress.

A new feature gives a message for each ship of the current tactics settings. This should help in developing tactics, by allowing people to see exactly what tactics are set.

I know at least two TVCR2 games currently forming...
http://rcworld-universe.de/vgap/game61.html (only 2 races left)
http://vgaplanets.dyndns.org/games/gamejoin5.htm (only 1 race taken so far)


For anyone who is wondering what TVCR2 is, its a new tactical VCR which features multiple ship battles. Ken a.ka. [Relic] has gone to a lot of trouble to make this addon perform! Its being featured on Lady Kates hosting site, "RELIC HOST", which was featured in the newsletter in February 2004. Ken has completed a new Basic Guide on its use which helps explain the various functions of this addon. This guide comes complete with screen shots and explanations. Ken has gone to a lot of work to make this addon work, and it attempting to recoupe some of his work by making this addon shareware, and you must register it to view battles past turn 20. The registration fee is nominal, only $7 U.S. and is well worth the money spent! Kate is attempting to get players into a new TVCR2 game which promises to be a good knock down drag out fight! Pay a visit to Ken's site, and check out this new addon. With Kens other addons, notably "Orbiter" which was featured in one of Merlyn's Columns, he has shaped up to be an invaluable asset to VGA Planets. Keep up the good work Ken!

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