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Game #24: No Frills 86
Page last updated: 3/24/2011 11:56 PM
Time left to next host: 0.00 Hours
Races Open: Closed Status: Running Turn: 28
Turns Status:  Schedule: _M__T__
Last Hosted: 3/24/2011 12:11 AM Next Host: Tuesday at 12:22 PM
Description: No Frills 86 is your basic default  VGAP game. To start this game runs 3 times  a week until turn 25, then twice  a week or when all turns are  in. Game is set for 100 turns.
Game Options: Mods: One Ally. Map: Custom. Homeworlds: Random. Extra Rich HW. Random Normal Planets.  Very High Pop. Very High Money. Starbase @ HW with 2 ships. TimHost 3.22.47. Rank To Join: Space Cadet.
Ending Requirements:
  • One player owns 67% (or more) of whole Echo Cluster Economy (Per Scoring Software)
  • One player owns 200 {40%} planets or more
  • One player's fleet (capital ships + freighters) exists of 200 ships {40%} or more
  • There are less then 4 players playing active in the game
  • More than 50% of all players decide to end game

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