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Shell Shocked
Page last updated: 8/31/2005 6:38 PM
Time left to next host: 0.00
Races Open: Closed Status: Completed Turn: 80 Next Host: -- at 2:20 AM
Turns In: x_ox_xox9x_ Schedule: _M_W_F_ Last Hosted: 8/19/2005 9:50 AM
Game Files
Description: Game runs 3 days or when all  turns received. Game ends on turn 80 or otherwise  requested.
Game Options: This is a standard game, medium  to high settings.  The only addon is Sphere and a  custom map.  Each player starts with 6 planets.  Rich HW's w/ a starbase.  TimHost 3.22.046.
Race Player Turn Status Turns Missed Score
(1) Federation Dead 54 341
(2) Lizard MikeyP Missing 0 913574
(3) Birdmen Open 8 349631
(4) Fascist Dead 78 3431
(5) Privateer Alligator Missing 0 226639
(6) Cyborg Dead 78
(7) Crystalline Open 8 558419
(8) Evil Empire Dead 8 7722
(9) Robot Havok Received 0 609722
(10) Rebel Dead 78 2754
(11) Colonial Cain Missing 0 621839


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