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Crystaline Entity Reborn

Version: v1.4
Type: Freeware
Authors: Pavlos Chatzis
Homepage: Alb's Planets Site

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Publisher Description
"Crystalline Entity Reborn" is a remake of the original "Crystalline Entity" addon, rewritten and compiled with more recent equipment to be compatible with modern CPUs.

The idea of the Crystalline Entity is from the Star Trek: The next Generation series. It's a really big lifeform that is able to live in space. However, as every lifeform it needs food to survive. The Crystalline Entity absorbs all life it can find on planets it encounters and transforms it into energy. That doesn't mean it's a killer, it's only trying to survive. But as always, those who ARE the food don't care much about this, they only want to destroy the thing that is going to kill them.

But the Crystalline Entity doesn't just leave lifeless rocks behind, there are sometimes a few lifeforms that are able to hide themselves and survive. As a byproduct of the transformation of life into energy, new minerals are produced known in Planets as Neutronium, Duranium, Tritanium and Molybdenum. These minerals will be buried deep in the ground of the planet.

Scenario - Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant

Version: v2.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Matt Clouser
Homepage: Interstellar Designs

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Publisher Description
Title: Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant (AQ) Mod
Version: 2.0
Release Date: August 2009

VGAP Versions: Supports VGAP 3.X (DOS) & WinPlan 3.5X

Players: 11

Custom Races: Yes
Custom ShipList: Yes

Tools Used: Plan Map v2.11
WPVCRHelper (by Richard Boggs)

Addons: None required!!
Optimized for RACEPLUS & LURKERS
Also suggested: GIVEPLAN & TELEPORT

New in Version 2.0:

  • Trimmed back the number of carriers for each race in an attempt to limit "exploding dump" errors with newer versions of HOST.
  • Added custom AQ WPVCR.DLL file for Winplan VCR
  • Rearranged ship slots to optimize for RACE+ and LUKERS add-ons.
    Remove fighter bays from most tugs:
    Add FIGHTER XPT / MILITARY XPT to those races to accomodate TUG fighter bay loss.
    Added Rom-specific VESPERA Transport
    Updated two ship class names (NOREXAN BCR, LANORA ASC).
    Adjusted DWARFSTAR cargo and fuel
    Change Tholian DIAMOND BB cargo from 90 to 190
    Change Tholian SPINEL XPT from 1 FB to 1 TB, adjust cargo
    Convert MAQUIS FRT to VICTORY CV, replacing BLOODFANG CV
    Add FREYA TF

VGAP: Alpha Quadrant is a mod for VGA Planets 3.X that uses a modified ship list (and new graphics) set in the Star Trek universe in the era of the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine TV series.

Race Original VGAP Scenario Ability
1 Solar Federation Federation Super Refit
2 Lizards Gorn Hiss Mission
3 The Birdmen Romulan SuperSpy
4 Fascists Klingon Plunder
5 Privateers Orion Rob Ships
6 Cyborg Borg Assimilation
7 Crystals Tholian Web Mines
8 Empire Dominion Dark Sense
9 Robots Cardassian Mine Bonus
10 Rebel Ferengi Planetary Assault
11 Colonials Maquis Fighter Sweep & Free Fighters

Version: 1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Richard Boggs
Homepage: Circus-Maximus.com

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Publisher Description
This utility simplifies the process of modifying WinPlan/PlayVCR/etc VCR image files, which are stored in wpvcr.dll.
VGAP Image Editors

Version: 1.1
Type: Freeware
Author: Code Warrior and Black Tiger
Homepage: N/A

Download Now

Publisher Description
Included are two utilities for importing and exporting images from the
RESOURCE.PLN file included with VGA Planets.

    PCX2PLN.EXE - Will take PCX files and place them into a VGA Planets
        resource file.

    PLN2PCX.EXE - Will create PCX files from images found in a VGA Planets
        resource file.

VCR Editor

Version: .08
Type: Freeware
Author: Dave
Homepage: N/A

Download Now

Publisher Description
What is VCR Editor?  VCR Editor is a program to allow you to change the bitmap files in WINPlan  VCR combats.  This includes both actual VCR combats and sims.  It has no capacity to edit the bitmaps itself.  You supply the edited bitmap, it makes it so that it corresponds with WINPlan's VCR pictures.
JVC - Java VGA Planets Client

Version: v0.9.3b-61
Type: Freeware
Author: Lars Dam
Homepage: The Java VGA-Planets Client

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Publisher Description
JVC is a powerful tool for playing your games on your favorite platform, Linux, Windows, MacIntosh.

Version: v3.0a
Type: Freeware
Author: Steffen Pietsch & Thomas Voight
Homepage: Randmax

Download Now

Publisher Description
Latest RANDMAX release is 1/6/2009.

Randmax is a player addon for VGA Planets 3. VGA Planets 3 is a strategy game developed by Tim Wisseman. Most of the planet management is routine: Build factories, mines, defense posts and tax your natives and colonists. Randmax can help you do a lot of these tedious commands automatically. Controlled by a file (randmax.ini) that you can edit manually or generate automatically using the companion utility RANDGEN, randmax will automatically execute the actions defined in the ini file.

Randmax will read your player data in a subdiectory, perform the commands and write back the data. Note that you mustn't run WinPlan, VPA, PCC or any other client while randmax is running, because they will eventually overwrite the player data when they exit, or even crash because randmax altered their data.

Randmax was invented and written by Steffen Pietsch and is now maintained by Thomas Voigt.

WinPlan Mobile

Version: 1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Stefan le Sanglier
Homepage: Star-Port.org

Download Now

Publisher Description
Winplan-Mobile is a packaged portable version of the Winplan VGA Planets Player Client. When this EXE is run it will install in a directory on a portable USB drive and allow you to play the game from your thumb drive on the go. You will need to have your own registry code for Winplan to install. This will NOT leave any traces on your host system.
Alt-Plan 2a

Version: v2a
Type: Freeware
Author: B A N E
Homepage: n/a

Download Now

Publisher Description
Here's the latest work I've done updating Tim's original resource.pln.

There are a few odd changes from altpln2.

#1: You'll note that the B41 is now a borg diamond.
#2: MBR is enhanced.
#3: Armed Transport doesn't look anything like the SW ship.
#4: Thor/Kittyhawk is somewhat different.

AutoTroll Resurrection

Version: v2.20
Type: Freeware
Author: Red Troll
Homepage: AutoTroll Homepage

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Publisher Description
AutoTroll is designed to completely automate the task of hosting VGA Planets.

v2.00 - 01/21/07 : Release Date

  • Fixed bug with IMPORT command inside a cycle, an extra ']' was showing.
  • Added template sort variables PlayerRank, PlayerRankPoints, PlayerClass. See Cycling and Sorting.
  • Added template sort variables PlayerRank, PlayerRankPoints, PlayerClass. See Cycling and Sorting.
  • Note: The data file structure has changed, after upgrading to this version you cannot downgrade.
  • Added $Choice12...$Choice24 e-mail command variables to set the new player variables.
  • Added [Player.Choice12]...[Player.Choice24] template variables to show new player variable values.
  • Added 13 new player variables for integer data settable in e-mail commands or player dialog.
  • Modified player choice1..11 variables to accept any integer instead of just 1..11.
  • When editing player description, 'Save' button wasn't being enabled.
  • New 'Notes " memo editable on players dialog. No maximum length.
  • Removed maximum length of 255 characters from player Description field. Now no maximum.
  • New [Game.Memo] template variable corresponding to new field.
  • New 'Memo' text field for games like the description fields, but has no maximum length.
  • Changed application icon to old Red Troll icon.
  • Fixed compile of built-in help file (.chm). Broken since v1.51.
  • Organized libraries and rebuilt dependencies for AutoTroll.
  • Fixed bogus "expiration" message and program exit.

©1996-2007 Ben Stout


Version: v1.1*
Type: Freeware
Author: Stefan Glasauer
Homepage: EchoView Homepage

Download Now

Publisher Description
This is an unofficial update to EchoView from the author Stefan Glasauer. Doc's for updating your EchoView are included.

EchoView is a player utility for Tim Wisseman's famous PBEM game VGAPlanets . It will help you to plan your actions and to keep track of all the events and data during the game. EchoView is not a player interface, it's a starchart and database program with lots of inbuilt utilities such as hyperwarp help, data export functions, PHOST command interface and much more.


Version: v1.1.14
Type: Freeware
Author: Stefan Reuther
Homepage: The PCC2 Home-Page

Download Now

Publisher Description
PLAYVCR is a portable VCR player. This archive contains the program precompiled for Win32 (i.e. Windows 95/NT and later). PLAYVCR plays battles from Tim's Host 3.x, and from PHost 2.4 and later in the same environment. It can play player files (VCRx.DAT) and host files (VCR.HST). It uses DirectX when possible, but also runs without. It uses a pretty advanced display engine (i.e. not just triangles and crosses :-) The December version adds stereo sound. Since the March 2003 version it supports PHost 4.
VGA Planets Master Guide

Version: v1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Grant Woodring
Homepage: n/a

Download Now

Publisher Description
What I've tried to do is incorporate all vga planets reference material into one file. (Docs, formulas, help articles, etc.) The format is Excel. The reason I made this guide was because I got tired of looking through multiple docs and web sites trying to find information I needed and/or wanted.

Microsoft Excel is required to view this document.



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