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Post by Havok » Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:47 pm

warpedboard wrote:
Enemy#1 wrote:
warpedboard wrote: Why, oh why, capricious Gods of Television, have you moved me to an area where watching BSG would cost me roughly 1/3 of my appendages?!?!?!!!!! :bawl:
You don't have to have a DVR, to watch BSG, it just makes it easy for the working slobs of the world. I can't wait for the season to begin, but after watching BSG being replayed in HD on UNIHD, I want the Sci-Fi channel to step up and broadcast in HD, because it looks 1000 times better in HD.
It's not so much (okay, not at all!) the DVR... it's the #*!#)@ cable company's cost for any package that includes SpaceTV (the Canadian equivalent of SciFi, it appears). Us workin' slobs gotta feed the kiddos, too... ("But Daddy, I'm hunggggrrrryyyyyyy...." - "Quiet honey, daddy's watching his robots now!")
I'll stop the :-({|= now though... I'll just pretend my BSG DVDs are "live"! Hooray for denial! :)
Try http://www.isohunt.com about 2 hours after the show :-'

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