Restoring SendTRNPro information

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Restoring SendTRNPro information

Post by Cherek » Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:49 pm

If you use SendTrnPro for a while like I have, I’m sure that you been frustrated by having to reenter all you user, hosts and games information every time you had Windows crashed, replaced a hard drive, changed OS. I have found a solution to this irritation. Hopefully, you keep a backup of your WinPlan directory or game data. I have all my VGA Planets stuff on G:\ and that is periodically backed up to a flash drive and NAS drives.

I have tested this using Vista (32bit) as my main source for my SendTRNPro setup/information data. I have used the procedure on new SendTRNPro installs on Windows 7 RC1 (32bit) and XP Mode in Windows 7 RC1 (64bit). All my user, host and game data was transferred with no problem and works great. Mind you, if you put your WinPlan directory in a different location, you’ll have to tell SendTRNPro to the new locations of your game directories.

This should work no matter what client you use, but I have only tested it with what I use.

Make a backup of your SendTRNPro information located in your Registry file.

In Vista and Windows 7
In the Search bar, type regedit and click on Regedit located at the top of the search box.
When the User Account Control opens, click on YES.
In the left window frame, click one time on Computer.
In the Menu bar, select Edit and then Find or Ctrl-F.
In the Find what: box type in sendtrnpro and click on the Find Next button.
You may have to click on the Find Next button a couple of times, but stop when you see the SendTRNPro is highlighted in the left frame window.
Do a right click on the high-lighted word SendTRNPro and select Export.
Select the directory where you want to save the file and give the file a name (I used Current_user).

You have now created a backup of your SendTRNPro information .

Now to get you back up and running. Once you get WinPlan up and running*, you will need to reinstall SendTRNPro and reboot your system. Go to where your backup of your SendTRNPro was saved and double click on the file. Answer yes to to the two screen and you’re finshed. Open up SendTRNPro and all your information should be there.

*Many years ago, copied the files from into my WinPlan directory and haven’t installed Winplan since then. I just copy the backup to its new home, create new shortcuts and I’m up and running.
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