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Time zones

Post by vetal_l » Fri Aug 18, 2006 3:53 pm

][avok, can you make somethings to shift time posted in emails to players timezone. (Hope my english are better than my game expirience) =)

Look here:
Your Games:
Game TRN Status Turns In Next Host
-------------------- ---------- ----------- -----------------
Alien Infestation II Missing o_3o_x_8___ Monday 3:25 AM
No Frills XVII Missing x2_o5_789AB Monday 4:25 AM
No Frills XXI Received 12_o_6o_9__ Tuesday 3:20 AM


If i can count right - its GMT-5, my timezone - GMT+3. Surely I can sums in my head, but we have site account with some preferences and I fix time presentation on forum already. =)

Can you do the same to ATroll?

PS. And what about your email? I will send you game base from Alien Infestation III - so you can look at bugs in the plugin.
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