Hi everybody!

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Kid Khan
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Hi everybody!

Post by Kid Khan » Wed Mar 15, 2006 7:08 pm

I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and introduce myself, since it looks like I'm going to stay for a lil while at this nice and busy place. I've been lurking for some time, reading the forum, trying to learn about people and stuff and it looks like a place worthwhile to hang around.

So, I'm Kid Khan from Berlin, Germany. No, I'm not of the first generation of DOSplan players like some of the boys around here, but I'm not exactly a newbie either. I've been playing since '98, when a friend introduced me to the game, who today keeps having a good laugh at me, whenever I tell him I'm still playing.

I did most of my games at Navgap and Galaxy8 (R.I.P), later on with Alan's Last Domain until I had a little personal incident in '04, which forced me to quit all running games. But I came back to Alan's only to join a game with a cheater in it, who really destroyed what looked like a brilliant game. For a moment I thought about quitting completely, but as with all other addictions that's not too easy.

IRL I had to realize I definitely belong to the older generation meanwhile, I'm working as an application programmer and making music in my spare time, you know, that time between turns, while waiting for the slow people to submit theirs...

So I ended up here. And its a beautiful, lively site. Lots of games, experienced people, all sorts of flavors for any player's preferences. You did a great job here, ][avok. Thanks for setting up such a place and putting so much effort in running it! Keep up that brilliant work!

Hope to meet some of you guys in space! Til then... keep rocking!

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