4 new Games on Battlestar Command Bridge

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4 new Games on Battlestar Command Bridge

Post by Battlestar Host » Sun Sep 18, 2005 12:40 pm

Four New Games Taking Players!!!

Four new games on Battlestar Command Bridge are now taking players:

Game 184:
Simple Lessons

This game is a Vanilla or Plain game with no addons. It features a Custom Starmap. Hosts 3 times a week, and when
all turns are in for first 20 turns.

Each player starts with:
5 planets
2 ships
1 starbase

Extra Rich Mineral settings

Victory Conditions: Highest score in 90 turns

Game 185:
Fall Festival

This game is NOT for the feint of heart!!!
This game features a Custom map, with Orbiter, Clans, and Machines of Yore addons. This means the map rotates every turn. There are also a 5% chance of a Large Meteor impact every turn, along with 1 large meteor impact every turn, and 10% chance of meteor showers every turn, and 10 ION Storms wandering around. Random Normal minerals.

Hosts twice a week, and when all turns are in for the entire game.

Oh, did I also add that this is a Wandering Tribes scenario?

Victory Conditions:
Most planets in 100 turns

Game 186:
Fierce Determination

This game features a Custom Starmap, with Starbase Plus, Sphere, and Jumpgate Addons.

This game hosts 3 times a week, and when all turns are in for the first 20 turns.

Random Rich Minerals.

Each Player starts with 10 planets, 2 Ships, and 1 Starbase.

Every Player gets free fighters with the Empire getting 10 every turn.

Custom HCONFIG settings so check the website.

This game is open ended, last one alive wins.

Game 187:
Sly Strategies

This is an intense game! Custom setup includes a Custom Starmap with Sphere and Clans addons.

Each player starts with 25 planets, 3 Starbases and 10 ships.

The 10 Ships are broken down as:
6 Freighters
1 Merlyn
1 Refinery Ship
2 Tech 10 Captial Ships

Random Rare Minerals

This game hosts 2 times a week, and when all turns are in for duration of the game.

Victory Conditions:

3 Ways to win:
Most Tonnage sunk
Most PLanets
Highest sCore...

All within 150 turns.


See the website for further info.

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