Race for Qo'Nos background and info.

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Race for Qo'Nos background and info.

Post by Sysop » Sat Sep 24, 2005 12:09 am


"The Race for Qo'Nos"


K'MPEC IS DEAD! The Leader of the Klingon High council has been poisoned. With his death by such dishonorable means, the High Council has disintegrated into a morass of accusations, denials and challenges. With suspicion falling on every major faction, there is no clear successor to the leadership of the council. The Empire has fallen into Civil War!!!

<<For you TREK purists out there, this scenario is based loosely on the events just prior to the ST:TNG episode "Reunion", but assumes that K'mpec died before he could contact Captain Picard. Now, no one is able to clearly identify Duras as the force behind K'mpec's assassination, and without Worf's involvement, Duras is still alive to lead his House!>>

The Klingon Civil War is a ten-player scenario set in the Star Trek universe during the Next Generation / Deep Space Nine Era. As a player in this scenario, you lead one of one of the ten factions vying for leadership of the High Council - and control of the Klingon Empire.

At the start of the game, the Civil War has just begun and fighting has already broken out across the Empire. Smaller houses and factions have aligned themselves with each of the player races, and have committed their worlds and ships to the players cause. As a result, each player has several small starting fleets and somewhat dispersed territory within the divided empire.


The goal is simple - the player who controls Qo'Nos, the Klingon Homeworld, at the end of Turn 75 wins! If no one has taken Qo'Nos by then, the player with the highest score wins.


Player 1 - The Sons of Mogh As the Mogh player, you represent the two surviving sons of Mogh - a prominent Klingon who was falsely accused of betraying the Klingon colony at Khitomir. The two sons of Mogh, Worf and Kurn have joined forces to reclaim their dead fathers honor - and to seek revenge on those who falsely accused him.

Player 2 - The House of Martok As the Martok player, you head one of the Empire's most respected Great Houses. Martok is not high-born himself, as he came from the Ketha Lowlands on Qo'noS. Martok's house gained significant influence and power thanks to his brilliant military career. Martok is favored by many landless and houseless Klingons in the Empire, but his rise in power and popularity has also made some enemies.

Player 3 - The House of Duras As the Duras player, you represent one of the older, more ambitious Klingon Houses, led by Duras with support from his resourceful sisters Lursa and B'Etor. The Duras' family ambition has earned them many enemies over the years, many of which have met with unfortunate accidents. The House of Duras has accused others of being behind K'mpec's death, but only you know who really killed him.

Player 4 - The Klingon Defense Force Designed as a non-human, non-computer player, the KDF represents the Klingon forces that watch for external threats to the Empire and have not gone to support one of the Klingon factions vying for Leadership of the High Council. KDF forces will fire on ANY forces, cloaked or uncloaked, that attempt to enter a KDF-held area - including the Homeworld!

Player 5 - The Crimson Shadow As the Crimson Shadow player, you represent one of the most ruthless Orion Pirate Cartels. The Crimson Shadow is as much a Klingon House - the House of Korgath - as it is an Orion cartel, and its fleet is a unique fusion of both Klingon and Orion technology.

Player 6 - The House of Gowron As the Gowron player, you represent the House of Gowron, a prominent commander in the Defense Force and a relative newcomer to the Klingon Council. One of Gowron's most ardent opponents, Duras, has wrongly accused Gowron as being behind K'mpec's assassination. Gowron suspect Duras has arranged K'mpec's murder, but has no proof.

Player 7 - The House of Kavok As the Kavok player, you represent a ruthless warrior who built his reputation in the Defense Force along the Empire's restless borders. Kavok has become convinced that the warrior spirit of Klingons has been "diluted" by ties with alien races, particularly the Federation. Kavok believes a return to the old ways, before the Khitomer accords, is the true Klingon way. From raids into Tholian space, Kavok has learned the secret of Tholian web-mines, and is poised to use this technology to conquer and rule the empire.

Player 8 - The House of D'Ghor As the D'Ghor player, you represent the House of D'Ghor, headed by the aggressive, ambitious D'Ghor. Your traditional enemy is the House of Kozak, a neighboring House that has interfered with your efforts to grow to a dominant position in the Empire.

Player 9 - The House of K'Tal As the K'Tal player, you represent one of the older, more stable factions in the empire. The events surrounding K'mpec's death caught K'Tal somewhat off-guard, he had no designs on taking the leadership from his old comrade K'mpec. K'Tal's first duty is to support a leader worthy of leading the empire, but if no other leader is fit, he will take command!

Player 10 - The House of Kozak As the Kozak player, you represent the House of Kozak, headed by the impulsive and quick-tempered Kozak, but it is widely known that the real power rests with Kozak's young wife, Grilka. Kozak's traditional enemy is the House of D'Ghor, which has made several efforts in the past to undermine his position in the Council.

Player 11 - The Order of The Bat'leth As the player controlling the Order, you represent the true warrior spirit of the Klingon people - dedicated to glory, honor and duty above all. Deeply disturbed over the dishonorable circumstances surrounding K'mpec's death, the Order has determined they must band together to ensure that the new leadership embraces the honorable traditions of the Klingons. Many of the greatest living Klingon warriors have rallied to the Order's cause, including the D'Har masters Kang, Koloth, and Kor.


Remember the victory conditions - focus your efforts on capturing then holding Qo'Nos.

Qo'Nos is located at the center of the map (2000, 2000).

The Klingon Defense Force (Player 4) is not being actively played, but it certainly has ways of defending Klingon bases - including Qo'Nos.

There are seven major KDF starbases that are well defended; Qo'Nos (#291), Tygo'Kor (#067), Kennegra (#477), Kahless (#360), Ikakura (#137), Mastocal (#016), and Klin'Zai (#336). There are other bases throughout the Empire. Caution is advised.

There are still dangers along the borders of Klingon space.

Several of the player races - the Crimson Shadow, the House of Kavok, and the Order of the Bat'leth - use captured "prize" ships in their fleets.

Alliances are not only encouraged, but may be necessary to win ... but remember - the winner is the player who owns Qo'Nos at the end of the game!

Above all ... remember this is a KLINGON scenario - revel in it! Great deeds will be done, glorious battles will be fought, and many songs will be sung in the Great Hall!! Grab some bloodwine and drink deeply !!! It is a good day to die!!!

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