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Post by warpedboard » Mon Jul 30, 2007 11:35 pm

Hanno wrote:Alright, go ahead and put me in since I cannot join from this end.

warpedboard wrote:
Hanno wrote:Map looks like a footprint. :)

I am considering joining if the team is fairly united. I could play CoM again. I have previous experience with this scenario and have looked over v3 mods. It looks like WB has been busy and seems to have made major improvement in balance.

Join now! Or just give me the word! :D Trying to fill back in the gaps in the Colonial team so we can get going again... the 3 players left on that side seem to be pretty united, and having someone w/ previous experience in the scenario would be a great boon to them (much as it pains me to say, since you'd be playing AGAINST my side!).
Done! You should have just gotten the pertinent email(s) and now have permission to the AoA2 Colonial Team forum. Welcome aboard! 1 more! :)

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