Welcome To Game #29 'Lurkers'

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Welcome To Game #29 'Lurkers'

Post by Sysop » Sun Oct 09, 2005 1:11 pm


There is a new force in the cluster. The Lurkers. (Based on the Shadows from Babylon 5). Make no mistake, these guys are as evil as they come, and they have a plan.

In this game, the Lurkers are working in ALLY mode, just like they did in Babylon 5. They will sneak into the cluster intent upon using one of the existing races as a puppet to bring down the other races. Casually they will ask the leader of race if they can do them a favor. The race chooses if they want to accept the alliance with the LURKERS.

As your ally the LURKERS can be ordered to defend planets for you and they will. They can gather spy information for you from enemy planets and they can even be persuaded to attack enemy planets.

In exchange they ask that you provide them with materials to build ships and occasionally you have to go attack targets that they select for you. If you are successful and accomplish your missions, they will stay happy and help you. If eventually you displease them (they loose ships attacking for you, you don't make proper deliveries of resources, ect.) they will leave to select a new ally, and in leaving they will chastise you for failing them.

Settings for the game are the following:

Lurkers uses host 3.22.47
(Lurkers Mod is running in ally mode)
Game includes: Custom Map, 3 planets to start with.
Starbase @ HW w/ 2 ships. Rich HW, Random Rich
Planets, High Pop, High Money.

Mods in use are Lurkers, Starbase+, & Sphere.
Addon docs posted in game forum.
Engine Shield Bonus is ON set at 50%.
Game runs 2 times a week or when all turns are in.
Game is open ended. Winner is chosen by the players.
Miss 4 turns and you're out.
Best Regards,


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