Fascist Jupiter abilities

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Fascist Jupiter abilities

Post by albatross » Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:55 pm

After reading the Jupiter docs on the Fascists abilities one might think he just picked the wrong game at the wrong time, as I did first. Those deep space missiles however offer some pretty destructive tools, which when used wisely can make a Fascist commander's life much easier.

General things about those missiles are:
- All the missiles can also be launched from freighters
- To destroy a missile with ID<10 use the planetary code "Dx" and not "Dxx"
- The cargo space of the Saber is too small to launch missiles
- From my experience the best ship for this is the D19b, since you anyway have a lot of them sitting around

The LMM missile is very useful, as it remotely creates minefields. Besides the 20 Neutronium necessary to launch the missile, LMM can be considered cheaper than laying the mine field by hand, as you don't need a single coin to do so:
30 ly with Mark7 : 11 D/T/M + 396 MC
30 ly with Mark8 : 9 D/T/M + 486 MC
Significant is the fact that you can create minefields with freighters.

The LOM is most effective against the Privs. Consider one of your planet where you suspect a Privateer trap. As Fascist commander you can go directly in there, trigger the trap and come out with no losses:

Let's say you orbit the suspected planet with a Vick. Launch an orbital missile (LOM) towards that location - which of course should be in 1-turn missile range. Now the Fascist deep space missiles launch and travel before regular ship movement. The missile hits, giving your Vick a damage of 11%, while an MBR takes 55% limiting its speed to warp 5 and so a range 50 ly per turn. Then you get robbed and towed. If you beamed up some fuel you're fine as the MBR is gone. If you didn't - no problem, as due to the unexpected short range of the damaged MBR you should be able to intercept and so reclaim your property. Well.. of course there is also the case where actually nobody else was there and you just bombed yourself.

You see, the LOM gives you an undodgable tool to spread terror amongst Privateer captains. They can never be sure if they end up rich or as simple explosion.

So far haven't tested the other stuff yet, but more to come..

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