The Pit gets a little crowded.

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The Pit gets a little crowded.

Post by Tyrion » Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:17 pm

I have been remiss in checking this forum more often. Christmas allowed me to catch up on all of the note left in the last month.

I have to say, like others, I look forward to this game more than any other. Its a great map, amd except for the fact that some of the Federation addons dont work, the addons are cool.. All of my early attempts to move natives were a complete waste of time. That feature simply does not work.

Genesis does work, and it has allowed some very nioe transitions to otherwise junk planets. Donavon, I agree with you comment months ago about how to use Genesis. I like the @FH (50 factories and Humans), but I have also tried @FI (for Insects,), and that planet has generated a lot of cash. Always helpful.

So with all of the gloom and doom about past Fed performance, I am fairly happy with the game. we are in the hunt. I am not going to finish last.

In fact after a rough start against the Pirates, we have that situation well in hand. we have captured a number of MBR's (and I can confirm the other posts about possible minehits on MBR's. That daamage and ship naming is consistent with several MBR's picked up abandoned in my space. ships like M77, M400, etc.) Now if I can get off my shoe, and bang it on the table, we shout"We Will Bury You)"!!

I suggested an alliance with the Pirate that he thought was crazy.. Maybe it was not so crazy after all.

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