UnNatural 5 - Race name list

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UnNatural 5 - Race name list

Post#1 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:24 am

Here are the race names for the players in this game.

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Slot  Short     Medium     Long
1	Ghosts      Ghosts      The Ghost Realm
2	Mechs       Mechanics	The Quantum Mechanics
3	Sentinals   Sentinals	The Sentinals
4	Klingons    Klingons	 The Klingon Hybrids
5	Shadows     Corporate	The Shadow Corporation
6	Borg        Cyborg	   The Cyborg
7	Lokis       Mischief	 Mischief Managed
8	Valhalla    Valhalla Empire	The Valhalla Empire
9	One         Hot Ones	 The Hot One
10  Ewoks       The Ewoks	The Ewok Clan
11  The Heg     Hegemony	 Marx Hegemony

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