The Slice a Teamgame Scenario worth playing.

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The Slice a Teamgame Scenario worth playing.

Post#1 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:43 am

Hi Folks,

our game is in it's final thores and I really have to proclaim that this was a fun game to play. (well, it still is no matter how it will end).

I would like to encourage especially all the new (RC World) players to forge two man teams and join in the slice scenarios. I guess Havoc or BitMask are happy to set up a few more of this kind.

Maybe we could also have a two man team challenge where the best teams fight out the "Pizza King" (King of the Slice) :P

I have to admit that I'am a passionate team game player, hopefully there are a few more out there...
If anybody is interested in this kind of game play,just drop a note to this thread. Maybe we can work out some sort of "challenge"

Happy Hunting!

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