End Game report from the birds

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End Game report from the birds

Post by wasp » Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:19 am

Hi all
I love to read the aftermath reports, but never to write them, but in this case i'll try to write something.

The game started well enough, with some good planets and some colonization strategy.

I've met the privateers early on and i was happily conquering some of his outposts when he attacks several freighters with a MBR. I responded back. And if he had pressed the attacks i would be in a much worse position then. But he offered peace and we negotiated a border.

I started developing then.

Met the Robots on the north and thought about conquering them. As i was moving north the CPlayer took over (don't know exactly when) and hell broke loose.

Never played the Cplayer before in such a scale, and it was a complete disaster. I had cloaked ships in some place in space or in a planet and the Cplayer found them and towed them.. even without seing them... and i couldn't break tow...
This was very frustrating. I couldn't do the normal movements because the Cplayer was cheating.

I then tried to run away and it came after me... with golems, lots of them, and me thinking, where is the resources to build all those monsters?? cheating again...

And then it started taking planet after planet....

Meanwhile, i thought about going after a human player(after all VGAP is about conquest (through combat), not scores (like most people think). i had a border with the privs and didn't wanted to start a war with him (maybe i should have) and he had the fascists and the the feds and the crystals near by. So i suggested to help him with the crystals. He would give me a planet to build resolutes with HvyPhasers. And all my warships went to the crystals border (maybe i should have kept most of them in my territory to defeat those monsters...). And the fascists were nearby as well.

Later on ,i started to enter the crystals minefields and a war was starting and then the crystal player dropped.... and the fascists was a Cplayer as well... then i thought it was time to end this. Fighting computer players is not worth it. Specially one that cheats...

Anyway, this is all from memory. I hope i get everything correct.

Other thoughts about this game:
Stop using the Cplayer in all games. Either use another Computer player or kill the race completely. Even if it means Havok delete all planets,ships,etc manually (is it possible, with some editor??) At least use a Cplayer that only cares about keeping the natives happy and nothing else.

When a player has no enemies nearby, or there's only 4 or 5 humans players playing, do something to shrink the universe to bring everyone together.... It's very frustrating when my closest neighbor is 10 turns away... How am i going to conquer him?? and he is in the first place. If i go after him and win, i get the first place. This can't be done. In the end it's only about the scores, which doesn't reflect the combat prowess of the player. Only score means something... I think it is wrong !!!

"Amateurs study tactics, Professionals study Logistics" in Red Storm Rising from Tom Clancy

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