Welcome to Fall Festival of Death 2

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Re: Welcome to Fall Festival of Death 2

Post by Super Tech » Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:22 pm

Gilgamesh wrote:
Super Tech wrote:I see someone has a third star base and someone else who doesn't believe in star bases. I didn't want to, but I guess I'll have to build a third just because it's fashionable. I can't believe I'm in ranked in ninth place. It's like I don't know the scoring criteria. :lol:
You don't have to worry - did you see my spectacular dive from first to sixth?
We were 9th and 6th place. Look at us now!
I have my planet location predictions averaging 70% exact matches and the rest within 2ly.
I still have to complete the macros, still to many cuts and pastes per turn.

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