No Frills 109, Game Over Reports

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No Frills 109, Game Over Reports

Post#1 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:16 pm

No Frills 109, Game 336 Review

This was my first game playing Borg. Usually this slot is claimed quickly, so I was surprised to see it open. I signed up without hesitation despite already being in two other games that were using up far too much of my free time.
On turn 1, I was pleased with my placement in lower left corner. Because there is no wrap, two sides were safe. Trouble will only come from north and east. My starting cluster contained 17 planets. My desperate need remain hidden looked achievable.

I did the usual probe jumping trying to develop distant planets to get a Fire Could built before the planet was attacked. However on turn 6, a probe was captured by a Privateer Outrider Scout just 500ly from my home world. Although a Privateer ally was not my ideal choice, I had to offer an alliance to him. I did not want to defend against him so early in the game.

He accepted my offer. So I made a Ghipsodal base near my home world on turn 11 and gave it to Priv on turn 13. The plan was to share the MBRs that would be made there. Luckily he gave me the MBR that ground assaulted the base. The Priv player had to go overseas and was having trouble getting turns submitted. By the time I realized he gave up, Q had taken over Priv. That great base near me did not build me a single MBR. Q did not understand the deal on that base. Now I had to pay double price, to clone that MBR almost every turn. One turn I did not have enough cash because I did sell enough supplies, doh!

I had hoped that Priv player would come back, but that did not happen. Q as ally did not go well. Q can rob, but I wasn’t impressed how it was doing that. Then Q thought my planets were too close to his and the dirty bum ground assaulted me more than once. I had to tow his freighters away to make him stop.

I made good effort to fix my early Moly problem by farming a good Bovinoid planet. Two large freighters were used to move clans away to a nearby planet. That coupled with a Merlin gave me Moly until some good remote planet mines could get up to speed and build a surplus to bring back. I keep the farm going until turn 80 something.

At turn 24, I got a FC built between Lizard and Fascist but I had no cubes to protect my home world or the newly connected star base. Yes, I had no defense at all.

By turn 34, the Fascist had reached my home world and was also pillaging another base north of my FC remote base. A lucky mine hit exposed the cloaker near my HW, so I was able to kill it. There is a very long distance between me and Fascist so that was the last cloaker to make it. I had many ‘bum’ planets between us with no hits.

The build limit hit at turn 36, I had a fleet of 8 medium (SB+) and 9 large freighters, 25 Probes, 26 FC, 10 MBR, 2 Bios and 5 Annis. Six turns before the limit, I only had two cubes so I could have still been toasted by serious attack.

It was turn 47 before I got an ANNI to stop the pillaging at the remote base. However a second Anni was needed to match the Fascist Vickis on scene. On turn 52, the Fascist towed one Anni to fight it alone. A great idea, but I was very lucky to have 80 torps and 220 supplies onboard. Four poppers and a Vicki-D7-Vicki combo left me with 82% damage and just three torps left. I even got to limp the Anni back to safety.

I made good use of Borg plus SB+, Super-PreFit “mission”. I built Engines, Beams, and Torps, put them on MFTR, then chunnel them to remote bases (with cash and minerals if needed). So minerals and cash come home and Cube parts go out. It was a great system. Borg Cubes only need 6 engines, so Transwarps were doable on most cubes.

After a while, I got tired of Q ally, so I started talks with Lizard. I said "bring me a Loki and we can ally". However due to delays not fully understood that Loki didn’t show up until turn 61. My other games were distracting me, so I did not think of going to him to get a Loki. With the FC and MBR, I could have got it much faster. While I was still allied with Priv, Lizard and I traded no ships nor did he Hiss for me.

A little while before Priv break up, I saw Fed advancing south towards the Priv home cluster. Priv was my ally so I get to kill him, right? I MBR towed a FC to meet the Fed advancing ships. I chunneled in some impressive looking Cubes, but they were low on torps and fighters. Of course, Fed did not know that :D . This caused the Federation ships to head East.

I moved the group to the Priv home world which had far too many ships in orbit doing nothing useful. Most ships had a warp set to zero. Then I thought, “wouldn’t it be fun to chunnel all those MBR’s to an Anni full of gamma bombs torpedoes”. With the Lizard Loki in position, I chunnelled and dropped alliance in the same turn. Next turn (turn 64) I allied with Lizard. I split the MBR booty from the Priv backstab with Lizard. The backstab might not be fair, but I sure did waste a lot of time with Priv Q.

The game is nearly 2/3 over and I do not have a big power house fleet. I quickly got probes to my high population planets to Hiss them for at least $3k per turn. This was a great addition to my other lesser cash flows.

Now I could make even better use of “Super Pre-Fit” and I can finally load up them up fully. There is just not much time left to advance to new planets that were owned mostly by Federation. The target was not a coincidence, he was in first place.

By turn 79, I was ready to advance in Fed owned space, 10 cubes is a good start. This set the stage for Fed to abandon the space ahead of me. He scorched the earth on the way out. It was a steady advance while I was getting ready to attack on three more fronts on turn 87. With so many cubes in so many places, the planets turned Borg very quickly in the last 5 turns.

On the last turn, 92, I actually have too much cash ($132,000 at home world). My fleet has 25 Bio, 25 Anni, 36 FC, and a ton of probes (most owned by Lizard, but hissing for me). The Lizard really helped me turn my game around. The Borg/Lizard combo rocks. Borg has to buy fighters, MK8 torps are expensive, and probes (Hissers) are plentiful and mobile and the Lizard needs cubes.

In summary, this is just another testimony that “Borg can be and must be destroyed early”.

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Re: No Frills 109, Game Over Reports

Post#2 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:58 am

Hi Super Tech,

First of all. congratulation to your victory!!!

If i would have known that the first cubes i saw where low-quality ones the game might have ended differently.
I was just too much impressed - as you always should be when facing a cube or ball (Gorbie).

My major problem was that i couldn't mine enough minerals until half of the game. SB+ isn't very interesting for Fed due to Super Refit.

But what actually killed me was your alliance with the Liz at the end of the game.
Not to my advantage i must say...

I also had around 10 turns towards the end where a friend of mine played for me while i was laying on the beach 8)

Maybe i try the Borgs in one of the next games, never played them so far.

See you soon!

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Re: No Frills 109, Game Over Reports

Post#3 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:00 am

I covered the southern hemisphere, but I have no idea what happened in the northern. Someone please enlighten me.
For example; who was allied with whom? Other than a single Federation Virgo, I saw no alliance action.

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Re: No Frills 109, Game Over Reports

Post#4 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:04 pm

Ok, let me shed some light in that.

In the nothern hemisphere it was quite boring - at least for me.
My HB was in the northwest, very bad planets with no natives and less minerals. So i had lots of problems to get my infrastructure growing. Combined with a 70% mining rate it is not easy.

The Fed (me) was allied with the Rebels (north, middle). However we only changed a few ships . There was no danger at all from our neighbours until half of the game. I went down to the south until i found the cubes which Super Tech mentioned. My fleet was not strong enough to defeat more than two cubes so i agreed to not go south further - my first fault. I should have known that this NAP will not last until the end.....

Instead of securing my southern border - my second fault - i went to the center to fight the Colos. The Colo was not a real enemy. Don't ask me why but there was hardly any attacks from him. I could get planet after planet (Super Tech: Sound
s that familiar?). Anyways the Colo was more after the Rebel as he send some Virgos towards him. The Rebels can give more info on that.

This Virgo under my command is due to the fact that towards the end there was no chance for his Virgo to survive. It only had 10 Fighters loaded. The Colo surrendered this Virgo to my STB - thanks for that!

Playing the Fed only works if you can build twice a much Novas as your neighbour has Cubes :wink:
A Nova is strong but compared to a Tech 10 carrier it's nothing. Even a fully equipped STB kills a Nova (happened as well to me).

There were 7 turns left and i guess that the Borg would have been able to knock on my HB's door. Nice to see how fast an empire can rise & fall.

In the end it's only a game!
And i like to play planets since 1994 (i started with DOS planets!).


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