Games that take you away from VGAP

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Post by B A N E » Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:52 am

hennef wrote:i would need a new machine first..... and i want it soo badly :(

kingdoms was sheisse btw!

maybe after i am done here with my diploma-test, i will have time to test that game Mika spoke of.
Well, I DL'd the demo and I can run it, have only scratched the surface.
But, I've got a fairly old system for comparison:

512mb RAM
Athlon 2400
Radeon 9600

Low settings and the game is fairly ugly.
medium settings give a taste of what's to come.
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Re: Games that take you away from VGAP

Post by Death's Head » Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:01 am

Enemy#1 wrote:With the new WoW out, I am finding myself spending far to much time on it.
What games take you away from Valuable VGAP's.
Gears of War
are my downfall games
What are yours?
HI All,

Remember me? :)

Well as you know it's WoW that took me away from VGAP. The game totally rocks IMO and I can't see how Everquest is still in business with this game out there. The name EverQUEST sure is an oxymoron since the questing system in EQ just plain sucked compared to WoW. You actually get experience in WoW for questing. From what I've noticed so far any class is also able to solo quite easily as compared to EQ where you pretty much have to group or two box in order to play the game.

I started with a Tauren Druid (Moofious) and got him to 20 then decided to switch to a Tauren Hunter (Jagermizter) and have him to 30 now. Also made an Undead Warlock (Darqdeath) who is at 13 and pretty much is a mule and Alchemy bot for now. All are on the Aerie Peaks server. The classes are pretty self sufficient as I mentioned earlier and the pets in this game just plain kick ass. :evil:

Dislikes - Well as a beginning player it really is a challenge to get enough bank storage space. Thanks Blizzard for the mail system at least ! The cost of the additional bag slots and bags in general is just outrageous, but once you get established I guess it isn't so bad. The use of flight paths is a nice touch but isn't as quick as porting in EQ, on the other hand it gives you time to walk away from the computer and get a drink or smoke a cigarette, and you don't have to beg or buy a port from other players if you aren't a porting class. :lol:

Overall I have to say I love the game so far and can't wait to get my Hunter to 50 or 60 and be able to farm and gather (Herbs and Minerals)like a mad dog for big gold. I have also found the equipment system to be a plus over EQ as it actually makes the equipment unsellable to other players once you fit it to your character which keeps the economy strong since there is not a flood of equipment on the market once people upgrade. Very slick move on the part of Blizzard and they really thought the game dynamics out well. Puts EQ in the dirt IMO.....

Good hunting to you all. I drop by every now and then to keep up with the game happenings and forums. Especially on patch day (Tuesday). :wink: Although I miss the VGAP arena, I now know that I would not have been able to keep up with both games and be effective in both, but I still miss the people who were my friends and foes here. :D

Later all,
Death's Head (Your Worst Nightmare)

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Post by scooby dood » Mon Mar 05, 2007 10:19 pm

FLETCH wrote:I like LEGO Star Wars on my XBOX............ :mrgreen:

errr........does that say something about me???? :roll:
LEGO star wars is actually not that bad, best on gamecube.
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