strange font problems

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strange font problems

Post by Mika » Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:12 pm


since a few weeks I have a strange problem. Most homepages (like this one) are italicized... everything expect the big headers (like the "thank you) for example. But the rest of the text and even the links in the left and right frame are italicized. And I have a similar problem in outlook. I used to have arial 10 standard as default font. Suddenly everything I wrote was in bold characters and I couldn't find a reason. When I checked the font I saw "bold" selected... arial 10 bold... but there was no standard font. In word that is gone too. What could this be? Are some fonts just gone and windows takes the next best?

Any ideas here? Maybe I should post it to "ask cherek" too ;)
Any rumors out there that some worms/trojans attack fonts or something?

thankful for any advice

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