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The Witcher

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:21 pm
by B A N E

You mentioned that you were addicted to "The Witcher".
I know it is an RPG, but beyond that, I know nada.

Clue me in, what's hooked you?


Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:23 pm
by Six_Of_One

It's a role playing game like Diablo II with awesome cut scene graphics , the game has superb graphics like Dungeon Seige (i think that was the games name by MS). Like all this genre of games you are able to build up the various skill levels of your character "Geralt"

What sets this apart from all other games in this category:
1 The game is not linear like most, yes you move through each chapter, but you don't have to finish every quest. The decisions you make as you go along change the structure of the game and who likes and dislikes you. You have to make moral decisions, much like real life.

2 nearly every NPC (non playing character) in the game has something to say, some even have very minor quests. If these are from women, depending one your response you can get to sleep with them :shock: (it's a very blurry non explicit depiction that gets you a game card). The Computer character you deal with are simply amazing, like the guard who is addicted to the drug fisstec (forgot the spelling) and you need to get him some. The thought that went into this game and the design of the characters is simply brilliant.

3 Most games like Diablo that allow spells etc, allow you to go into battle fully loaded with the ability to be able to switch between spells etc.
Not with The Witcher, you need to choose wisely what enhancements to load up with before each battle/encounter. For example if going into a dark cave or tunnels, you would need to take cats eye, to see in the dark, and then maybe one to restore vitality or health quicker. BUT and this is the catch, your potions ACTUALLY POISON YOU, and there is a green bar to show how much you are affected. It is possible to poison yourself to death :shock:

4 There a plots within plots and the two main women in your life act like to jealous women fighting for your affections.

5 Like all of these games, there are plenty of monsters to kill, as well as bad guys, and good guys if you are that way inclined :lol:

The game simply drags you in, totally absorbing and you find yourself sitting back, wondering what decision to make, what side to chose if any. Simply the best RPG i have ever played. And now its being released for the console players as the "Return of the White Wolf".

I dont know whether the game play on consoles would be as good due to the limitations of the controllers. I know they made changes.

Hope this helps