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Solar Federation

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:20 pm
by Shardin5
The Solar Federation
Engine Shield Bonus
35% shield bonus to all ships
See Multiple Races section
Native Cooperation
Representative Government and better. After 4 turns @ 100 Happy pts, 5%-10% Natives will join the Solar Federation.
Native Government Enhancement
This ability allows the Feds to educate natives on planets that have a poor native government. On a planet that has a government that ranges Anarchy to Feudal this ability may be used.
The money and supply requirements are as follows:
Anarchy to Pre-Tribal - 100 supplies 375 Megacredits
Pre-Tribal to Early Tribal - 150 supplies 625 Megacredits
Early Tribal to Tribal - 200 supplies 875 Megacredits
Tribal to Feudal - 250 supplies 1125 Megacredits
Feudal to Monarchy - 300 supplies 1375 Megacredits
See Multiple Race Section
Advanced Fighter Missions
Advanced Torpedo Missions
Cruise Missiles +25% accuracy
Cruise Missiles +25lyr Range
Race Combat Advantage
50kt Fed Crew bonus
Beam Accuracy +10%
Torpedo Accuracy +20%
Fighter Shield Power 2hits(vs enemy fighters)