The Gorn Confederation

This is a host addon with a Battlestar Galatica based theme.

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The Gorn Confederation

Post by Shardin5 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:25 pm

The Gorn Confederation
Polar Kinetic Cannon (PKC) – All Gorn Ships
When the weapon is fired, it launches a burst of kinetic energy that goes WARP 12 and tracks an enemy (targeted ship) for 3 turns before dissipating. The PKC does damage upon impact. The damage is determined by, Beam type for Kill and Explosion, and amount of Beams. Multiply Amount of beams, by Beam Type for Damage. How many turns the PKC energy blast has traveled effects damage as well. On turn 1 it does 100% damage, turn 2 it does 80% damage, on turn 3 it does 60% damage. After turn 4 it dissipates and disappears.
Chemical Strike
The Lizards simply love their ground-attack capabilities, and they are constantly seeking ways to make it harder for the enemy to survive. Therefore, the Reptile Gunship has been equipped with a toxin device that, takes 45 supplies, and 5 of each mineral, and converts them into toxins for spreading onto enemy planets. After the toxins are spread, a set amount of planetary population dies out. The Gorn must also have more ships than the enemy orbiting the planet, to provide cover for the Reptile Gunship Strike. Reptile Gunship must not be towed, be Transwarp equipped, as it needs to move freely around the Planet in low orbit. Mission will also use 35kts of fuel. Only one Strike per turn per planet is allowed, this can be done over Enemy and unowned planets only. This is the Reptile’s Attack mission set in M.I.T, happens during combat
Reptile Cooperation
Reptile planets with Representative Government and better, may have 3%-7% of the Natives join the Gorn Confederation. Requirement, 4 Continuous turns @ 100 Happy pts.
Advanced Fighter Missions
Advanced Torpedo Missions
Criuse Missile +25% accuracy
Criuse Missile +10lyr Range

Race Combat Advantage
Hull Scaling Damage 75%(replaces 150% Damage)
Fighter shields Power 3 hits(vs enemy fighters)
Starbase Boarding 9:1
Starbase Defense 5:1
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