Romulan Star Empire

This is a host addon with a Battlestar Galatica based theme.

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Romulan Star Empire

Post by Shardin5 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:31 pm

Romulan Empire
Sneak Attack
The Bird ships can keep themselves cloaked until the last possible moment, and come out of cloak firing all weapons, not giving an enemy ship time to detect them and raise their shields The ship must have
warp factor 0 in order to minimize their drive emissions and stay concealed from detection. The Federation ships have slightly better sensors and can detect the Birdmen ship powering up its weapons before
other races can, so they have time to raise their shields to 25%.
Target ship must not be towed by a different race, unless it is allied with that Race.
See Multiple Race Section
See Multiple Race Section
See Multiple Race Section

Advanced Fighter Missions
Advanced Torpedo Missions
Cruise Missiles +35% Accuracy

Race Combat Advantage
Ground Attack 3:1
Starbase Boarding Factor 3:1
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