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The Pirate Lords

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:44 pm
by Shardin5
The Pirate Lords
Secret Mojo
Pirates have learned to keep the transponder of a captured ship active. This will allow the Pirates to fool other races into thinking a Captured ship, is still in the hands of the original Race. Only the original race, (and allies if any) of the captured ship will know the truth. The Device is NOT deactivated if the Pirates use the captured Ship to attack another Race with.(Granted smart players will notice the 3x Crew scaling)
Once the Pirates, Fix a ship at a Starbase, the Mojo, is deactivated. This only works if the ship was captured Via tow capture. Ships captured in Battle, Ships given to the Pirate, or ships that surrender to a StarBase, will have Pirate Transponders.

Deep Space Bases
See Multiple Race Section
See Multiple Race Section
See Multiple Race Section

Advanced Fighter Missions
Advanced Torpedo Missions
Cruise Missile +15% Accuracy
Race Combat Advantage
Starbase Boarding Factor 3:1
Beam Hit Ship Charge 40%