The Borg Collective

This is a host addon with a Battlestar Galatica based theme.

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The Borg Collective

Post by Shardin5 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:53 pm

The Borg Collective
Warp Core Dampener (WCD)
The Warp Core Dampener fires a burst of Ion energy that travels WARP 15 and tracks an enemy (targeted ship) for 5 turns before dissipating. Targeted ship receives tracking warning. If hit by an Ion blast the target ship will be disabled (engines won’t function) for a number of turns dependent on the how long the Ion blast has been tracking them. If the ship is hit in turn 1 it will be disabled for 6 turns, if hit on turn 2 it will be disabled for 5 turns, if it is hit on turn 3 it will be disabled for 4 turns, if it is hit on turn 4 it will be disabled for 3 turns and if it is hit on turn 5 it will be disabled for 2 turn. After turn 5 the Ion blast dissipates and is no longer a threat. This mission only works with Heavy Phaser equipped Destroyer Cube and Terminator Cubes, and requires 100kts of fuel.
See Multiple Race Section

Advanced Fighter Missions
Advanced Torpedo Missions
Cruise Missile +50 Accuracy
Cruise Missile 200% Damage

Race Combat Advantage
Hull Scaling Damage 50%
Torpedo Damage 200%
Torpedo Firing Range 45000 meters
Starbase defense Factor 10:1
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