The Empire Republic

This is a host addon with a Battlestar Galatica based theme.

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The Empire Republic

Post by Shardin5 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:03 pm

The Empire Republic
Planet Buster
Republic Blood Star can attack a planet and turn it into a useless Frozen Rock. Republic Blood Star equipped with Heavy Phasers and Transwarp Engines, can complete this mission.
Distance has to be 4lyrs, Ships warp has to be set to Zero for 2 turns at the same x,y, and not being towed, Ship has to have Zero Damage, Fuel usage is 600kts. End of the 2nd turn the target Planet will have, zero life, all Natives, and all Clans if any are killed off, all Minerals have been destroyed, and Planet temp will be -100.
Following turn after, firing a Planet Buster, all Empire Planets will have Native happiness drop to 50 and clan happiness drop to 60.
DarkSense Detection.
The Imperial SS Frigate can, Darksense the presence of other Races being carried in ships. With “DSR” set in M.I.T, ship mission set to Sensor sweep and warp factor 0 and not being towed, a Frigate may detect all races within 25lyrs. This report Does NOT decloak any ship, this report does not report the x,y location of the ship carrying the race. This mission generates a report that (X)amount of race(s)X is (X)lyrs from the location of the SS Frigate.
ONLY the Pirates, who’s, party lifestyle and joy of life, will receive a message, that they have been probed by the Darkside.
Imperial Pacification
The Republic Victory Carrier with 100 or more fighters in its bays can instantly improve the morale of any Imperial planet's natives or colonists to 71% if it drops below 69%. The ship has to be at warp 0, have FC or M.I.T "PAC", and not be, towed.
Republic Fury
Jumps 350lyrs, Not an exact jump, will have a 2-6lyr targeting error. Can NOT jump 340-360lyrs
See Multiple Race Section
See Multiple Race Section

Advanced Fighter Missions
Fighter Missions +15lyrs Fighter Skills +15
Advanced Torpedo Missions

Race Combat Advantage
Starbase Boarding Factor 5:1
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