The Cylons

This is a host addon with a Battlestar Galatica based theme.

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The Cylons

Post by Shardin5 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:08 pm

The Cylons
This means that the ship will be restored with all of the equipment and tech levels that it possessed before being destroyed, minus the Regeneration Cube. Regeneration will happen at the Nearest Resolve Baseship.
No Resolve NO Resurrection. Only the Security Basestar carries a Regeneration Cube
FireFox Detenator
The robots have found a way to make their minefields even more dangerous. The robots can make their minefields explode damaging all ships inside. Planets are immune to the effect, but NOT the ships orbiting them. 10 Cruise Missiles fired to the center of a minefield creates the Firefox Detenator
Fighter Transfer Mission
To speed up war deployment, all Dauntless Baseships have sensor beacons which allow fighters to Fly during one turn from one Dauntless Baseships to another within 81lyrs. Each fighter needs 1kt of fuel. Make sure you have free room on the receiving Dauntless or the fighters will perish in space after their flight, lacking space to land on.
See Multiple Race Section

Advanced Fighter Missions
Fighter Missions +40lyrs
Fighter Skills +15
Advanced Torpedo Missions
Cruise Missile +20lyrs

Race Combat Advantage
Fighter per Planet bay 2
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