Multiple Races Section

This is a host addon with a Battlestar Galatica based theme.

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Multiple Races Section

Post by Shardin5 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:19 pm

Multiple Races Section

A saboteur will try to destroy anything on the planet, and upset Natives, on owned or unowned Planets.

Spies Hack into the computers on the planet they are located at.

The cost of researching a ship is Host-configurable and is based upon the mass of the hull. The following equation governs the cost in Megacredits for the research -MC = hullmass ^ 0.5 * (cost factor)
The default cost factor is 500MC. This gives values of 5000MC to research a hull of 100kT and 45000MC to research a 900kT hull.
There is also a mineral cost as well. This is a direct multiplication of the mineral cost of the hull. E.g. a LDSF costs 85 Tr to build, so it will cost 85Tr to research (using the default settings - if required, the Host can change this ratio -double it, half it or whatever).

Deep Space Bases
Ships can construct and maintain Deep Space Bases on asteroids floating in deep space. They cost 10*(5) units of each mineral, supplies and money and 10 clans. Any Rebel/Pirate ship with "DSB" Set in the M.I.T and the required minerals onboard can build a base at any point in space. The base cannot be built within 75lyrs of a planet, because a sun's gravity makes the asteroids there too unstable. The builder-ship must not be cloaked, when creating the Base, but it may be moving. The base, once built, will repair any Rebel/Pirate or allied ship at the same location instantly. If an enemy ship starts its turn within (25) ly from the base, it will send a subspace message to the ship's owner informing him about the base. Any enemy ship with mission kill or primary enemy Rebels/Pirates, depending on owner and possessing beam weapons can destroy the base by moving to it. The base is not armed and is unable to offer any resistance.
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