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This is a host addon with a Battlestar Galatica based theme.

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All Races

Post by Shardin5 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:25 pm

All Races

Starbase to Starbase Teleport
Once a Starbase has been built, it can be upgraded to have Transporters.
Transporters allow for the transfer of Minerals from one Starbase to another Starbase.
A transporter can handle total of 1000kts of minerals can be teleported per turn from Starbase to Starbase. No Clans, No Supplies can be teleported in this method. Starbase FC’s Mol, Dur, Tri.
Starbase requirements are Tech 10 Engines and Tech 10 Weapons.
Cost for building Transporters are,
1200 Megacredits
400 supplies
250 Neutronium
200 Duranium
400 Tritinum
250 Moly
The default settings prohibit colonists, and supply transfers, but the host can change this if desired.

Merlin Functions
Three new friendly codes have been introduced to make the Merlin more adaptable. ABD transfers supplies to tritanium and molybdenum, ABM transfers them to tritanium and duranium and ABT finally
makes duranium and molybdenum.

Ship to Planet Money Transfer
Beside the well known ship code 'bdm', to beam down all the money of a ship to a (mostly) unowned planet, there is now another alternative: bdh. This makes you beam down half of your current money. Even more customized: the bdx where x ranges from 1...9

Advanced Fighter Missions
Fighter Attack= Range 40lyrs
Launch fighters from Carriers, to attack Ships at x,y min Range is 1lyr max Range is 40lyrs. Requires 1kt of fuel per fighter

Fighter Bomb = Range 40lyrs
Launch fighters from Carriers to attack Planets and Starbases. Min Range is 1lyr, max range is 40lyrs. Requires 1kt of fuel per fighter.

Fighter Patrol = Range 3lyrs
Launch fighters from Carriers to protect your ships and planets, from invading enemy Fighter attacks. Requires 1kt of fuel per fighter, on Patrol. 10-20 percent of a Carriers fighters can be on Patrol.

Advanced Torpedo Missions
Cruise Missile=Range 40lyrs
Launch torpedo’s to attack Ships at a x,y. Min range is 1lyr and Max range is 40lyrs. Requires 1kt of fuel per torpedo launched.

Planet Bomb = Range 40lyrs
Launch torpedo’s to attack Planets and Starbase’s. Requires 1kt of fuel per torpedo launched.

Interceptor Missile
Launch Missiles to attack a ship by ID#. Requires 5kts of fuel per launched Interceptor Missile. Each Interceptor Missile will track a Ship for 5 turns. Turns 2-5 the Interceptor Missile can be swept by the targeted ships beams or by patrol fighters, as the Interceptor Missile approaches.

Advanced Starbase
Starbase’s have Torpedo bays. Starbase Defense/2= Torpedo Bays. 3(5 Tholians and Cyborg) torpedo’s
Starbase Crews 500
Ships can capture Starbases in Battle
Starship Boarding Parties(50% of Ship Crew for boarding Parties)
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