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New VCR Program

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:27 pm
by Shardin5
New VCR Program
Addon requires a New VCR program, most everything in the VCR program works, until I remove any Advanced Fighter or Torpedo mission that has no combat, the utility crashes the VCR. All Advanced Fighter and Torpedo missions happen in AUXBC.ini and I have a utility that exports those missions into the VCR program. All Advanced mission happen prior to Normal combat.
Reasoning of removing the "Nothing at x,y" Advanced missions is to avoid having VCR's were all you do is watch Fighters or Torpedo's fly in from the left side to flying out right side of the screen. That could get Boring.
BSCVCR allows for muti-ship combat, each race sends in up to 4000kts of combat mass in to the viewer/combat, at onetime. Reason's for limiting it to 4000kts, is graphics, to many ships and everything gets to small to watch, with all the Ships, torpedo's, and fighters. Ships enter combat via FC order, a new ship can enter combat after one has been destroyed, only if there is kiloton space for it, and based on FC order. Extended mission code will allow for a ship to be an attacker, or cover ship. Cover ships avoid ship to ship combat and shoot enemy fighters 1st or launch fighters to attack enemy fighters in combat, then shoot the largest enemy ship at most extreme distance.