2 New Games Ready

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2 New Games Ready

Post by Sysop » Sat Sep 24, 2005 7:48 am

Open to all players


Game 25 - The Race fo Qo'Nos

KLINGON CIVIL WAR - The Race for Qo'Nos
2005 Scenario Design Contest Winner
Mods = None / Custom Map = Yes
TimHost 3.22.18

Game runs 3 times a week or when all turns are in.
The goal is simple - the player who controls Qo'Nos,
the Klingon Homeworld, at the end of Turn 75 wins!
If no one has taken Qo'Nos by then, the player with
the highest score wins.

Map/Hull/Torp/Beam/Eng .dat files provided w/ RST.
Scenario also includes custom BMPs for Winplan.


Game 26 - The Benefits of Infamy

Mods = Sphere only / Custom Map = Yes
The Benefits of Infamy is a stock VGA Planets game.
Rich HW, Random Rich Planets, High Pop, High Money.
Starbase @ HW w/ 2 ships.
Default Settings except - Engine Shield Bonus is ON.
TimHost 3.22.46

Game runs 3 times a week until turn 20, then twice
a week, or when all turns are in.
Game ends when 1 player is left standing unless
otherwise decided by the players.



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