Battlestar Command Going Offline

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Battlestar Command Going Offline

Post by Sysop » Mon Dec 12, 2005 4:23 pm

Ed posted the following message today to all users.


It is with great reluctance and sadness that I announce that this site will be going away after the first of the year (2006) . Many different things have happened over the last several months that have led to this decision, most of which dealing with time constraints and other issues.

Therefore I decided to stop hosting. Battlestar Command Bridge will continue to host through around Mid January of 2006, and at that time any games that wish to continue will be transferred to Joe (Havok) over there has graciously offered to take over my games, as well as any players that want to transfer over. We are currently working on the possible transfer of rank. I will continue in the VGAP community with the Newsletter (which will be parked at Circus-Maximus) as well as my role on the Yahoo newsgroup and as a consultant for Circus-Maximus.

I appreciate each and every player that has been to my site over the years, and look forward to having more play time. So I should see you around in some gam es. Again I appreciate all my players, and hope you will consider joining up at Circus-Maximus. Its a great site and has great potential. As a result of this action no more games will be added to the list, and the Tournament games will continue to be hosted at Battlestar Command. All tournament play will continue to be done here, just all normal hosting will be sent to the other site. Therefore anyone who wishes to stay in tournament play need to do anything different. I hope to have the next round of tournament play ready after Christmas Holidays.

Thanks for your attention, and your "business".


Best Regards,


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