Asimov's Foundation as a VGA Planets race

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Asimov's Foundation as a VGA Planets race

Post by Aleortu » Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:26 am

When I started playing VGA Planets I sadly found out there was not a race inspired in Asomov's Foundation saga. They were about Star Wars, Star Trek, Galactica, etc.
Later I realized it would be hard to design a race about the foundation for the reasons I explain later. But neither where the main planets in the Foundation history, like these:
- Terminus: capital of the Foundation
- Trantor: capital of the Galactic Empire
- Anacreonte: the foundation hostile neighbor.
- Helicon: where Hari Seldon was born
- Kalgan: where the Mule stats his expansion to the galaxy.
- Sayshell: capital of the Sayshell Union: a cluster of 86 planets never conquered by the Galactic Empire nor the Mule nor the Foundation.
- Siwenna: a lot of action took place in this planet twice.
- Smyrno: an importan planet of Anacreonte.
- Tazenda: a possible secret home world of the Second Foundation

The complete list of planets is here, there also named the planets of the Robots saga (Aurora, Solaria, etc): ... se_planets

Anyway, here are some characteristics of the Foundation that would (hardly) have been used in VGA Planets:

- Low mineral requirements:
Terminus had no minerals and was dependent of Anacreon importations and other neighbors, so the ship list should be mineral balanced and low quantity. Naturally, that gives small and light ships that should be destroyed by a minehit.

- Masters of commerce:
The foundation power was in commerce and making other planets dependent on Terminus supplies and small artifacts. That should be translated as a tax bonus like the Feds have.

- The priests revolution:
A small amount of priests threatening was enough to stop the big Anacreon fleet to stop the attack and come back home. After that the Foundation controlled Anacreon and it's vassal planets.
That is like the Empire ground attack. Some kind of Priest Ship.

- The Second Foundation power to control minds:
The silent guardian of Terminus people, the S.F., can be compared with the Privateers skill to rob ships, or if not to take control of the enemy ship, to avoid being attacked by a ship or a SB. Somehow like the Super Spy mission, that can force a planet to deliver the money to the visitor, or allow it to beam up fuel or minerals.

- The scientific ability:
Terminus was inhabited from the beginning by the galaxy bets scientific to make the Galactic Encyclopedia to store all the knowledge of the humanity. That allowed them to build useful and portable machines out of a planet with no mineral resources.
That reminds me the Colonial, Robots and Rebels ability to build cheap fighters. Also, the Feds ability to refit outdated ships.

- Device to stop mental control:
To avoid S.F. mental control over Terminus people, they designed a device to detect and stop telepathic action and protect themselves over covert S.F. agents mixed between the Foundation people.
That seems to me like the Loki device.

Well, that is what I figured thinking in the advantage some races already have in VGA Planets. Of course, I'm just kidding, the game is perfect the way it is and I don't want to play VGAP4 nor VGAP5 if it is created some day.
I want to encourage people who have read the Foundation saga to add any ideas to my list, just for fun.
Ale Ortu
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Re: Asimov's Foundation as a VGA Planets race

Post by Klauser » Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:44 am

Having already put together two VGAP race mods (Star Trek-based "Star Fleet Battles" and "Alpha Quadrant"), it takes a lot of planning and work to fit another SF setting into VGAP.

I've read the original three Foundation novels, but I have to admit it's been over twenty years ago. If I were inclined to take a look at doing a foundation conversion, here's the issues I would have to deal with.

- Races and Race Abilities: I don't recall there being that many different factions to build VGAP races on. At most three or four. You made some good suggestions about race abilities, but not enough to build enough playable factions.

- Ships and Ship Special Abilities, : No information at all. I'd have to create the shiplists from scratch.

- Planet names: Not as big a problem. The names are contained in the PLANET.NM file and can be changed using an editor. The main challenge would be coming up with 500 planet names - that wiki entry shows only 76.

I'm not saying a Foundation mod would be undoable, but it would take alot of work and would require you "making up" alot of game related items (ships, races, etc) out of nowhere. And then making it "work" in a VGAP sense.

"Any ship can be a minesweeper ... once!"

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Re: Asimov's Foundation as a VGA Planets race

Post by Havok » Mon Sep 30, 2013 5:58 pm

Personally I've always wanted to see the races from Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato) in a ship list.

Star Force
Gamilon's (later the Galman Empire)
Andromidan's (Comet Empire)
Dark Nebula Empire (also called Black Star Cluster Empire)
Bolar Empire
Dinguil Empire

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Re: Asimov's Foundation as a VGA Planets race

Post by Aleortu » Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:58 pm


Foundation was never focused in warfare, the books were conversational novels with much of politics, a hero thinking out a problem etc. The few battles were Foundation (small, light, fast ships) vs Galactic Empire (heavy big ships) and it was briefly mentioned. When the Mule appears, he controls the fleets of his enemies to aid his side.

So I think only one race would be extracted from the saga to join the Birds, the Cyborg, the Crystals, the Fed, etc. But as I described even developing 1 race is hard, you can see in the descriptions I made that most of the abilities are political but not physical: commerce, telepathy, mysticism (the fear to Foundation priests).
So no big carriers or battleships.
I think even if Tim was aware of Foundation there was no way to add the Foundation as a race.
Anyway the lack of Foundation planets in the 500 ship list tells us he has never read these books :p

Anyway, let me keep playing, I figured another possible feature:

- The Carrier:
The Foundation repaired an old big battleship from the Galactic Empire that was wandering in the space and gave it to Anacreon (that was called a sing of weakness for some people in Terminus while the other people was happy to please Anacreon to avoid their threat).
The carrier of Foundation is slow and old. Perhaps hard to shut down like the Gorbie, but very hard to move like the Automa.
Ale Ortu
from far away planet Argentina
My races are Birds and Colonials.

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