Playing from the Tablet

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Playing from the Tablet

Post by Aleortu » Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:06 pm

In the forum of an old game we have talked about if it was possible to play VGA Planets from a Tablet: ... 386&t=5075

Perhaps someone knows what programs to install to make Winplan (or other client) running.

The solution I have was installing a program to remote control my home pc, so I managed to make some turns from my vacation place. The problem that happened was my home PC reseted for some reason (power failure, somebody unplugged it, I don't know) so I was unable to connect again because I needed to restart the remote control program there.
Some of these programs are TeamViewer, LogMeIn and others. You can configure it to start when you turn on the pc, so you can access the remote control anytime if you have the password and ID (*). Of course it is dangerous, you are leaving another door open to hackers, but it is supposed you make your weekly backup on an external HD, don't you???

Well, just a little suggestion to use a tablet or any other device to play.

(*) You must leave the computer turned on when you leave home, obviously, and the program running.
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Re: Playing from the Tablet

Post by Havok » Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:20 pm

On a tablet running Windows 8 you should have no problem installing Winplan32 or using Dosbox.

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