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Post#181 » Thu Sep 21, 2006 1:35 pm

Commodore Cherek, IRJTN wrote:
Havok wrote:
Enemy#1 wrote:Ok,
Lets get the show on the road, if Havok needs help with map, Merlyn can help him out. Havok has plenty to do making normal games this one is a little more going on. I figure around turn 70 I will be able to say Sherek :whip: again. :nana:
I probably won't be able to get the game built until Saturday.

Cherek - Didn't you say something about a pconfig.src file earlier this week?
Shardin and I are giving it one last review before I send it you and post it up in the forum.
Cool - Thanks

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Post#182 » Sun Sep 24, 2006 2:41 pm

The Final review has been posted, all we need now is for the map to be made so HW's can be placed, Team and Race names made. Nothing like making life challenging for the host, lucky for us, he is used to babysitting.
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