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Post#16 » Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:35 pm

Enemy#1 wrote:
scooby dood wrote:So, in other words, HYPing at warp 1 is the smartest thing to do?
Most of the time yes, but there are times were you are trying to HYP into the warpwell so you can jump less than 340lyrs or more than 360lyrs, so you want more than warp 1 so you will land on the planet instead, of out in the open
Most of the time, I don't play a race with HYPer drive ships, so I might be wrong on this, but when a ship comes out of a HYPer drive jump, the speed of the ship is zero, so it really don't matter what warp speed you decide to jump at, as long as it is greater than warp 0.
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Post#17 » Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:43 pm

Ships that have made a hyperjump are only pulled into orbit by the planet's warpwell if they end up within a box (-2,-2)-(+2,+2) from the planet. If a ship lands outside that box but still inside the warpwell, it will not be pulled in since it's warp is reset to 0 right after the hyperjump.

and yes the warp is set to 0 upon completing a HYP Jump. For some strange reason, I always thought you still had to start out at warp2 or better
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