Priv vs a cloaking race

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Post by the.Ant » Fri Dec 15, 2006 9:23 pm

If the Bird is smart, you can't beat him.
Point is if any race is smart you can't beat them. There is always a way, all you have to do is read donovan really carefully.
He stayes cloaked... so what? You stay cloaked as well. And lay mines.
He attacks your bases? Protect them with a strong ship you got from another races. If he tries to tow it away, you have a Lady and force surrender.

The best way would of course be to convince him to ally with you. Bird+ priv is a really deadly alliance, because you can avoid Lokis and Iron storms while he can benefit from the meteors and the things you capture. evil. :twisted:

OK, sometime you just loose. But you can still make him pay, especially as privateer.
Don't give up, just be patient.

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