New add-on in the works

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New add-on in the works

Post by Shardin5 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 3:29 am

Add-on in the works information

By Race you will be able to set the following
Beam Recharge rate, Beam Hit Fighter charge, Beam hit Fighter Range, Beam Hit Ship Range, Beam Hit odds, Beam Firing Range, Beam Kill Range, Beam Damage

Tube Recharge Interval, Torpedo Hit odds, Torpedo Firing Range, Torpedo Kill Factor, Torpedo Damage Factor.

Fighter Bay Recharge Interval, Fighter Kill odds, Fighter Shield power, Fighter damage rate, Fighter Movement speed, Fighter strikes per turn, Max Fighters Launched. Fighter Skills.

Starbases, will be armed with Beams, Fighters and Torp tubes. So by Race you will be able to configure, Torp Tubes per Starbase, 1-2 per 20 Starbase Defense points, and Torps per tube 3-5, Fighters per planet Bay.

Ships will fire on nearest attacking fighter, Engine shield bonus(if in use) will apply to battles vs planets., Freighters will have shields, Fed bonus counts towards battles vs Planets and Starbases. Beams on ships and on fighters can miss, Beam tech and Torpedo tech levels improve performance. Fighters fire on Fighters 1st, strikes vs fighters count towards fighter strike count.

StarBases will have crews, and can be captured. By race you will be able to configure Boarding parties attack and defense Ratio’s, this happens during the battle phase. Ships kill off StarBase crews during combat as well. Repair Starbase will restock Starbase crews.

Cruise Missiles
Torpedo ships will have Cruise missiles, range and accuracy based are tech level. Carriers will have fighter patrols that will be able to intercept Cruise Missiles, fighters on patrol will not be involved in Combat. Cruise Missile and Patrol missions happen at the end of movement but before combat.

Carriers will be able to transfer fighters to other Carriers and Starbases remotely 50lyrs away.

Stargates, will be in play, but will be linked together, by command only.

Ships will be able to tow 2x their base mass, Pirates will be able to tow 3 times their base mass. There will be collective towing so several ships working together can tow larger ships. Towing ships the size of Small moons should require more than just 1 ship.

There is more, its late, most of this IS NOT NEW, but spread out over several different add-on’s that add to much junk as well. Will post the rest of the host stuff and race features later
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Post by Tei » Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:22 pm

What's the name of this addon? Sounds interesting

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