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Post by anubis » Tue May 15, 2007 2:36 pm

This is a continuation of a thread that started on the Starfleet Battles 2 game board regarding the use of FLAK under Thost.
Initial results are not very encouraging. I got it setup and running, and it does successfully perform the combat for THOST. The problem is that the results that it generates are not what the results should be.

I have run two battles:

Battle 1: Fed, Lizard, Birds. Feds have their initial 2 ships, Lizards their 1 initial ship, Birds their 1 initial ship. All ships set to kill:

PlayVCR showed the Lizard ship killing the Bird ship before being killed by the Fed ship.

The results showed all ships captured by the Feds, with 0 damage to the Bird and only 2% to the lizard.

Battle 2:

The feds with ALL the ships from battle 1 + a diplo class cruiser
The lizards with a T-rex
The birds with a darkwing.

All ships set to KILL.

PlayVCR showed the Darkwing destroying the TREX while the TREX shot at the Diplo. The Darkwing then turned on the Feds and destroyed all 5 Fed ships (it was actually pretty cool the way the Darkwing flanked the TREX). The darkwing ended at 58% damage.

In the RST however, ALL the ships were gone. They all were reported destroyed in battle in various forms.

All in all, I think that FLAK and THOST don’t get along with the way THOST interprets FLAK’s result. Since FLAK is open source, I will see if I can figure out anything.


Since this is really off-topic to the SFB2 game, I will move the thread to the Game Forum when I have more.
Since then, I ran a very simple test, the Fed free nocture vs the Fascist free D4. Obviously, the Fed ship, with its torps, should destroy the D4 with no problems, and that is exactly what PlayVCR showed. THe D4 approached the Nocture and the nocture blew it from space.

In the next Turns RST files however, both ships were gone and both the Feds and the Fascists got two combat mails, one saying they destroyed the other persons ship and one saying that their ship was destroyed.

Obviously, something is wrong with the way FLAK generates its results and THOST interprets them.

Hopefully, I (or more likely someone else who understands FLAK better) can figure out the problem. If anyone has any thoughts, please I could use all the assistance I can get!

Edit: More info: If I got into the "Combat Detail" section of PlayVCR (the "L" key) I see "Unit was destroyed for BOTH ships, the winner AND the loser. So I would say that FLAK is incorrectly reporting the ships as destroyed.

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Post by B A N E » Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:25 pm

A couple months ago when I ran some tests, I don't recall whether
or not it was thost or phost, but I ran into weird results as well.

Hopefully I/we can get some time to perhaps get a flak game working.
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Post by Cherek » Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:29 pm

The line below is true.
The line above is false.


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Post by Havok » Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:33 pm

I know when I initially set it up here, it was Phost and with standard Phost shiplist.

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