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Post by Captain Blood » Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:55 pm

I get the impression that at least some players build there carriers with transwarp 9 engines.

I will not say that I newer do that, but most have just poor beams to save duranium as robot and warp 1 engines so 4,6 or 8 engines is not really importent.

As robot I usually controle the minefields so having a catpaw tow the autonoma is a cost reasonable way of moving the autonoma.

If one let the catpaw run out of fuel each turn, it can not be killed by cloaked intercept unless the enemy can kill the autonoma and that can be tricky if the cloakers will have to intercept through a minefield.

Naturally the golem is better but it also cost about 2 times as much duranium as the autonoma. 2 autonomas is in the earlier part of the game better than one golem. Later battlegroups with a mix of golems autonomas is good. Preferable most golems, but the autonoma is still importent to make the enemy guess your battleorder.

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Post by JonnyDoH » Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:00 pm

Cardno wrote:Instrumentalities are two shot wonders if used in isolation. After a couple of battles, they need to be restocked with fighters and they can't do that themselves. So, if you are going to use them, except in the early game, you need them in combo with some automas / golems.

I would build an automa any day of the week. With those babys - they are better fighters, can carry supplies and withstand a minehit, and they can double as bad boys and fighter builders. Just put slower engines on them and two them.
This is why I would pair an Instrumentality with a Qtanker-- If you put cheap engines on the Instru, then you put transwarps on the Qtanker. Qtanker helps build fighters while towing the Instru. Couple the pair with a Cats Paw, and you can clear minefields by laying minefields of your own. Net result is cheaper mineral-wise, and you can bring along other things like colonists for newly invaded worlds, supplies and (most important of all, with the Qtanker's fuel pods) fuel.

I won't discount the raw power of an Automata, I just think that versatility is more important. Just my opinion, at any rate.

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