Phost addon crew

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Phost addon crew

Post by Silvestr Potash » Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:12 am

There is addon for phost (and host):
1. Training commando:any ship with fc=crw become a ship with 10 crew member onboard.
2. the planet with fc=dml convert half of mines,factories and defence posts
into 15Mc and 2 Supply per 3buildings-unit, rounded up.
This need colonist happy <60.
3. Any ships have the ability:
if he has a mission intercept and fc=rdr, the intercepted ship become uncloacked. The owner of cloacked ship gets the appropriate message.
(to prevent safe and uncatchable minesweep).Also, this decloack happens after movement,whereas the code check happens before movement.

4. Empire probe PL1 has the ability to hyperjump for a cost 30 fuel and 10 supply.
All options may be disabled separately.

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