Medium Deep Space Freighter

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Medium Deep Space Freighter

Post by Aleortu » Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:49 pm

I have seen many times "NEVER build a Small or Medium..."

I am not an expert player (I play since 2005 but never won a game yet) but I think the MDSF it is a useful ship and I always build many of it.

OK, the LDSF has lot of space, more fuel tank and can tow, but sometimes you don't have $ 600 to build two engines, some players prefer to build it with lower tech engine but I never do that (only with early Virgos to be towed by Cobols, or playing the Feds).

This ship can take all what a planet produced in one turn at midgame, when one of the minerals is exhausted, and go back with clans, it does not consume much fuel, it is very useful to colonize at early game: you can see in echoview the amount of clans needed in the planet to grow, this is always 11-19 so it can keep planets growing as it advances to the edge.

MDSF with Transwarp Engine:
$ 365 / DUR: 20 / TRIT: 7 / MOL: 41
LDSF with 2 Transwarp:
$ 760 / DUR: 117 / TRI: 13 / MOL: 78

Some races like Robots need an amazing amount of Duranium in their ship list.

Perhaps I am wrong and it's a waste of resources, but I think it's a useful ship, what do you think?
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Re: Medium Deep Space Freighter

Post by TheClerk » Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:59 pm

I am playing the Bird Men a lot and with lacking any economical advantage you are always short on money. And that new built starbase cannot build all tech 10 ships from the start, unfortunatley. For this reason I build Mediums from time to time even with enignes below W9. This is useful if you have a supplying planet (money or minerals) close to the starbase. So the Medium runs this trading line the whole game.

But also W9 Mediums are useful as a Bird for example. When the shiplimit is hit all you need is a starbase and less than 900 Minerals in total to build a reasonable Darkwing. In a cluster with some planets a Medium can handle this on his own because it has a lot of time.

Taking into account the Teleport AddOn Mediums become even more interesting. You have one cluster where everything is fine but one sort of ressources is missing. Teleport it to one SB and distribute it from there. After the ship limit you have plenty of time for that.

And best thing: As Bird you can convert any SDSF or MDSF into a useful ship for free at the late game. "For free" means that you won't lose a PBP. Just recycle your freighter and build a Swift. These babies are always useful and in my optinion the best Tech 1 ship in the game. Including those Hyper-Hyper-Dudes.

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