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VPA 3.67 beta-9 released

Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:22 pm
by Quapla
Hello folks,

i just finished the heavy duty job with my beloved online help. Now I have all my data right at the hand without switching any applications. Feel free to add your own pages. Any feedback is highly welcome.

Be advised that the beta-8 was not working, somehow the file got scambled.

Here is the last beta of 3.67. If there is no feedback I will continue with V3.68 beta-1 unless this one will be bug free, which i do not promise :D (Experimetal version, do not use on real games smile :^o )


2013-12-24- Quapla (3.67b8)
! Rounding Pillage prediction fixed
! Teleport Tool CTRL-V: now shows 5 digits, press space to center, TAB to zoom
+ Common errors Shift F11: Switch off calculation of taxes for 1-clan planets in config

2013-12-26-2013-12-29 Quapla (3.67b9)
+ ALT-F1: Online-Help integrated - Take care to remap DOSBOX eventually
you need external program (in DOC distribution) to show textfiles
If you get messed just delete VPAHELP.INI
! Speed optimization in Common Errors (new option added, since accurate calculation takes very long (Simulate Hostrun for every ship for correct RGA/Pillage)
! Bug fixes in ships over planets
! Bugfixed in Common Errors (S-Warpwell), btw. never pull roots from negative numbers unless you know what you are doing [Thanks to Fireage]
+ All ini-files can be edited within VPA (needs DOS in VPA folder)
-> all new functions are highly experimental.
-> Esp. check CPU power, maybe you have to switch of forecast (Shift-F)
-> last 3.67 beta

Re: VPA 3.67 beta-9 released

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:48 pm
by FireAge
Ok, I've made two complete turns in it, but could find no problems.

One things which you could consider adding is support for Jupiter.
But that would be a big job :)

At the moment, I haven't thought of any other things.
The planet simulator (F6) is still not good for pillage/RGA, but that's about it.