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Game summary

Post by FireAge » Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:17 am

Here is my summary:
(Disclaimer: This is told from my perspective, and maybe added with a little bit of flourish here and there. Inaccurate representation of facts shall in no way be out of the question :-) )

Turn 1:
Planets: 1, SDSF: 1, B200: 1
I started our in the top left corner of the map. Not a bad location with 4 neighbour planets, and 4 planets in hyperjump reach. Build order alternating freighters (MDSF, Hispeed 9) and probes until enough freighters have been reached to comfortably try and colonize my home cluster. Then only probes (B200, Hispeed 9, Disruptors) until the need for firecloud arises. The four neighbour planets give access to roughly 20 additional hyperspace locations, and of course each hyperjump planet gives access to w whole range of additional planets.

Turn 10:
Planets: 24, SDSF: 1, MDSF: 3, LDSF: 1, B200: 4, FCC: 1
Spreading is going well. Discover T1 Fed and T1 Klingon. T3 Starfleet and T2 Lizards. No threat so far. Keep focus on expanding. No real defense yet, but one FCC in case I need mines.

Turn 20:
Planets: 53, SDSF: 2, MDSF: 2, LDSF: 4, B200: 6, B222: 2, FCC: 4, Merlin: 1
T2 Fascist located to my north, T2 Lizard to my north-north-east, T1 Fed to my north-east, T1 klingon to my east. T1 is no problem so far, but T2 is getting closer. Loosing planets in the north. Low on minerals, building B222 which are quite acceptabel with the 50% shield bonus. Expansion in all other locations is unhindered. Fortunately T2 is coming from the same angle as T1, so maybe they will hit eachother while coming near my home.

Turn 30:
Planets: 85, SDSF: 2, MDSF: 5, LDSF: 5, STF: 4, BR5: 5, B200: 15, BIO: 5, ANNI: 4, B222: 3, FCC: 9, Merlin: 2
Things are starting to get going. Privateer showed up through one of the wormhole near my home cluster. Build more B222, because the can beam up fuel when being towed and can destroy an MCBR without risk. If they are stolen, who cares. Put up some STF with lv1 engines and 1 fuel as towing/robbing decoys. Worked out well. Privateer lost a BR5 (captured) to me and hit several minefields. In return he only got STF which I later recaptured from the warpwell. Managed to clone several BR5, which are nice to suprise my opponents in the future. Send tow annihilations to sweep north and recapture planets. But incoming fleet of T-Rex and Madonzilla forced them back home after shortly recapturing some planets. Madonzilla with 50% engine bonus are bad news, they kill a Anni 1 on 1. Very low on Moly, but managed to build some Bio to fight the lizard. I now have 4 clusters in addition to my home cluster, but they are still underdeveloped.

Turn 40:
Planets: 95, SDSF: 2, MDSF: 7, LDSF: 9, STF: 5, BR5: 5, B200: 13, BIO: 7, ANNI: 4, B222: 3, FCC: 10, Merlin: 2
Focused on building Bio because Anni are not going to cut it if my opponent plays well. T2 has madonzilla who even in lizard hands will tear them apart. T1 has Valiant which in Fed hands will do the same. Should have payed more attention to the 50% bonus and done more early simulations. Live and learn. Lizard at my doorstep with 3 Mad and 5 Rex, accompanied by Loki. No BR5 tow possible, so need brute force soon. Fortunately I have enough Bio ready to deal with it. Unfortunately, T1 Fed is approaching from the east with 2 Nova and 4 Missouri. I only have enough to deal with one army (4x Bio, 1x Anni) in their region. The other fleet is near the T1 Klingon location. Time for some scare tactics. My score shows a high number of capital ships. They probably think I'm stronger than I look. With any luck, they won't even want to attack me, in fear of then getting hit by the other team.

Turn 50:
Planets: 107, SDSF: 2, MDSF: 8, LDSF: 10, STF: 5, BR5: 4, B200: 12, BIO: 5, ANNI: 6, B222: 2, FCC: 16, Merlin: 2
Decided to hit the lizard fleet with my 4 Bio. Lizard was sleeping and didn't put his ships in the correct combat order. Killed two Maddi with the first Bio. Second Bio killed, Maddi, Rex, Rex. Third Bio killed the remainging Rexes. T1 Fed only slowly crawling into myarea from the north east, but bring more ships. Another 6 Rex approaching from the lizard, but no Maddi in sight! In the south got a small victory by towing a Viccy with a BR5 to my Bio's, but lost some planets to general klingon nastyness. Hate having to protect my 1 million clan worlds against this pesky race :'-(.

Turn 60:
Planets: 109, SDSF: 2, MDSF: 8, LDSF: 11, STF: 5, BR5: 4, B200: 14, BIO: 8, ANNI: 7, B222: 2, FCC: 19, Quietus: 1, Merlin: 2
Small skirmishes with Lizard up top, Fed still not closing in. Trying to enter T1 klingon space down below, but slowly. Still not a very large fleet. Focus on building more bases and getting them rolling. 6 strong clusters, only my home cluster is really in combat. Boring phase.. :P

Turn 70:
Planets: 138, SDSF: 2, MDSF: 8, LDSF: 10, STF: 4, Reptile: 1, BR5: 3, MCBR:1, B200: 13, BIO: 8, ANNI: 14, B222: 2, FCC: 18, Quietus: 1, Merlin: 2
Decided to enter T3 space. Time for some carrion feeding activity. T3 bird is gone, so easy mop up activity. T3 Fed is weakened, but still has a larger fleet, so progress is slow. More skirmishing with T1 klingon. Mistakes were made... but fortunately on both sides. Grabbing T3 space increassed my planet count by a lot, but it's too slow to be able to grab the victory for this game.

Turn 79:
Planets: 138, SDSF: 2, MDSF: 7, LDSF: 11, STF: 4, Reptile: 1, BR5: 3, MCBR:1, B200: 8, BIO: 10, ANNI: 19, B222: 2, FCC: 19, Quietus: 4, Merlin: 2
Grabbed leftovers from T3 bird space, ready to invade T3 Fed space with a large fleet. Ready to invade T1 Klingon space. Skirmish with T1 Fed, who didn't put torps on his ships because he thought 84.8 ly was far enough away. Should have brought more than 150 fighters per Bio, would have been an even worse party for him then. Got several comments of people being tried of the game, decided to request the host to end it after a vote on the forum.

So that's all folks. I'd be interested to hear your stories.

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Re: Game summary

Post by albatross » Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:02 pm

Nice summary!

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Re: Game summary

Post by wmerkel » Fri Jun 20, 2014 5:43 pm

Hello Federation War III players !

Here is my report (T1 R4). I used echoview, but occasionally missed importing three turns (7,16,57) during the game, so my information might vary +/- 1 turn.

Why the hell did I take the Klingons (I prefer this name) ? Well, "enhanced" anticloaking on the one hand - planetary immune on the other. Two things which did not work out to make a difference, but maybe it frightened my enemies and made them to play more carefully than necessary.
I did several big mistakes:
- rely on d19b until I found out they dont work against my most feared cloakers
- rely on highspeed 9 engines. Too much neutronium usage and not the maximum shield bonis. I should have used best engines possible!
- start building the valiant too late

Showing my ship statistic, its scrambled because of the super-refit. Until game end, There were still waiting 5 Victorious, 9 Valiant Wind class, 8 D7 Coldpain and 4 Saber waiting for refit under fed control.

Turn 1
1 SDSF / 1 D7a
Interesting start. I am the small white dot ;-) So many possibilites... one cluster to my north-east, one to my south-east, south west and north-west. My ally is located north.

Turn 9
1 SDSf / 3 LDSF / 2 D7a / 3 D7 / 1 D19b
The wormholes are still scrambled. The borg shows up; a probe. I play several hours with the HYP connections. Most likely his homecluster is loacted to my west; but wraparound makes this really difficult to tell. So my goals is to drive the borg off my core planets and secure the cluster to my west at any cost (which works well).

Until now, I have several amorph planets (...). My native planets are either low on natives or havea ridicilous government (below feudal). I decided to harvest my natives to pillage them later on, which was a must to create a basic amount of money. I executed about 30 pillages in the game - only 6 on enemy planets.

Turn 13
1 SDSF / 4 LDSF / 2 D7a / 5 D7 / 2 D19b
First skirmish with T3 R3 in the south-east. Very early - damn. Wormholes are now working, and my ally shows up with a nebula. I pick up scans from the crystal - so I face now enemies on three of four sides. Could be worse.

Turn 20
2 SDSF / 1 MDSF / 4 LDSF / 2 D7a / 5 Victorious / 5 D7 / 1 Illwind / 7 D19b
I am pillaging and ground attacking borg outposts to my west and north west. I try to lure the crystal into a trap, but does not work; he evades my victorious with disruptors / gamma bombs with his ruby ... What a pity. Anyway, I capture one worthless freighter, so crystal is warned and decides to lay defensive web mines here.

My teammate is under pressure from T2 R2. It seems they are not interested in us, but go after the borg - good :)

We pay the priv just to leave us in peace. What a mistake ! If we had gone to war with him, maybe we had the chance to capture a gravitonic ships like all other players, too!

I realize that I built too many useless (for anticloaking) d19b. Should have read the docs ... noooooooooooooooo!

Turn 30
2 SDSF 2 Bohemian 4 MDSF 5 LDSF 1 Valiant 2 D7a 12 Victorious 10 D7 2 Illwind 7 D19b 13 Saber 1 B200 1 Merlin
T3 R1 and the borg showed up in my north-east. There could be space for me in the far away south-west. But I had used the wrong engines and too many enemies on my borders to be able to develop a colony out there.

Turn 40
1 SDSF / 2 Bohemian / 1 Eros / 3 MDSF / 5 LDSF / 2 D7a / 19 Victorious / 9 D7 / 2 Illwind / 7 D19b / 7 Saber / 1 Merlin / 1 Nova Dreadnought
I destroy most of the T3 R3 fleet - but only advance 3 planets doing so. My ships lack fuel... The borg shows up. According to the score, he must be a threat, so I go on a defensive mode (what a mistake).

Turn 50
2 Bohemian / 1 Eros / 3 MDSF / 5 LDSF / 1 Valiant Wind / 2 D7a / 18 Victorious / 9 D7 / 2 Illwind / 7 D19b / 9 Saber / 1 Merlin / 2 Nova Dreadnought
Jennifer is approacing! Jennifer is neither the pet name of the borg, nor the crystal. Jennifer is my nightmare of a ion storm. It appears turn 43 in the center of the map, moving exactly at my crystal/T3 R3 border, which makes it impossible to gain ground there without the risk to loose ships in web mines. Jennifer is a lazy and fat woman (warp 6, ~150 ly diameter, voltage < 100). This ion storm stops me. Bad luck ? Well, look at turn 70 if you want to know what bad luck is!

Why did one of my viccis fly against a biocide ? ... must be towed by a borg cloaker. Bad news.

Turn 60
2 Bohemian / 1 Eros / 4 MDSF / 5 LDSF / 1 Valiant Wind / 1 D7a / 21 Victorious / 8 D7 / 2 Illwind / 5 D19b / 4 Saber / 1 Merlin / 3 Nova Dreadnought
I try to invade with 4 Victorious in the crystal flank. This miserably fails. I lose all of them (3 captured, 1 destroyed). I decide to retreat on this border and wait for him. I have plenty of time ...

Turn 70
2 Bohemian / 1 Eros / 4 MDSF / 2 Missouri / 5 LDSF / 3 Valiant Wind / 1 D7a / 17 Victorious / 11 D7 / 1 Illwind / 3 D19b / 7 Saber / 1 Merlin / 3 Nova Dreadnought
Jennifer has passed! I can now advance on the T3 R3 homeworld. But wait, what is this ? Say hello to Wanda ! Wanda is larger than Jennifer (280 ly diameter!) and appears only three turns way from my crystal / T3 R 3 border. Wanda stops me dead in my tracks. I decide to wait. On my ships, the crew gets coca cola (TM) and popcorn to wach the storm. Bad luck, and made the game boring for me: I am waiting for more than 20 turns to have action at this border!

Defended against the borg. All bases are set to maximum defense, and several viccis / valiants are waiting. What a real waste is are the saber / d19b - I can not use them without risking to damage my valiants beyond repair. :(

Turn 78
2 Bohemian / 2 Eros / 2 MDSF / 2 Missouri / 5 LDSF / 2 Valiant Wind / 2 D7a / 14 Victorious / 6 D7 / 1 Illwind / 4 D19b / 9 Saber / 1 Merlin / 2 Nova Dreadnought
I havent looked at turn 79 rst, since hosting occured before I sent in a turn. So my game end is turn 78. Crystal attacks one of my outposts; we "exchanged" ships. The base still belongs to me. My second fleet, now inside Wanda, is waiting for its fate. But exchanging versus crystal ships is good - since the victory conditons say "most tons sunk" for me.

Thank you all for this mostly exciting game !


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Re: Game summary

Post by FireAge » Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:26 am

Thanks for sharing, nice to read the other side of a conflict. :-)
And indeed, any of you could have wiped me out before turn 50 or so. That's why it's important to boost the scores...

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Re: Game summary

Post by Havok » Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:31 am

Great reviews guys!

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