what is "crystal entity" ?

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what is "crystal entity" ?

Post#1 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:46 am

but what is "crystal entity" ?

the docs at your addon-section dont say anything about it...
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Re: Jupiter Settings for The Pit 4

Post#2 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:57 am

Crystalline Entity (Reborn is a remake of the original. Here is the original's documentation)


The idea of the Crystalline Entity is from the Star Trek: The next Generation
series. It's a really big lifeform that is able to live in space. However, as
every lifeform it needs food to survive. The Crystalline Entity absorbs all
life it can find on planets it encounters and transforms it into energy. That
doesn't mean it's a killer, it's only trying to survive. But as always, those
who ARE the food don't care much about this, they only want to destroy the
thing that is going to kill them.

But the Crystalline Entity doesn't just leave lifeless rocks behind, there
are sometimes a few lifeforms that are able to hide themselves and survive.
As a byproduct of the transformation of life into energy, new minerals are
produced known in Planets as Neutronium, Duranium, Tritanium and Molybdenum.
These minerals will be buried deep in the ground of the planet.

The setup program and its options

The setup program looks something like this with the default settings:

Crystalline Entity 1.02á Configure Program

General Setup

Minimum damage 80 %
Maximum damage 100 %
Minimum speed (warp) 12
Maximum speed (warp) 15
Neutronium per 100 clans 20 KT
Duranium per 100 clans 16 KT
Tritanium per 100 clans 16 KT
Molybdenum per 100 clans 12 KT
Maximum Neutronium 7500 KT
Maximum Duranium 6000 KT
Maximum Tritanium 6000 KT
Maximum Molybdenum 4000 KT
Odds for a new CE to appear 10 %
Surviving clans for code 50
Beam tech for destruction 8
Picture base number 901

<D>efaults <Arrow Keys> <Enter> <S>ave <L>oad <C>ancel <E>xtract Picture

You can navigate through the options using the up and the down arrow keys.
If you want to change any option, you have to select it and press 'enter'.
If you want to set the default settings, press the 'd' key. To save your
changes press the 's' key, or if you don't want to save your changes use
'c' to cancel. If you want to load the old options after changing some of
them, you can press the 'l' key. For WinPlan players only is 'e' to extract
the picture the program is using into the WinPlan BMP-Directory.

'Minimum damage' ranges from 70 to 80 percent.
'Maximum damage' ranges from 90 to 100 percent.

Each time the Crystalline Entity attacks a planet, it will do a random amount
of damage between min. and max. damage. If min. is 80% and max. is 100% the
Crystalline Entity will kill between 80 and 100 percent of the colonists and
natives living on the planet.

'Minimum speed' ranges from warp 10 to 12.
'Maximum speed' ranges from warp 13 to 15.

When the Crystalline Entity is traveling through space to get to its next
target, it will use a random speed between min. and max. speed. If min. is
12 and max. is 15, the Crystalline Entity will always travel at a speed
between warp 12 and warp 15. It's alway faster than the players ships. Only
the Privateer ships with gravitonic accelerators are fast enough to keep up
with a Crystalline Entity travelling at warp 13.

'Neutronium per 100 clans' ranges from 1 to 20.
'Duranium per 100 clans' ranges from 1 to 20.
'Tritanium per 100 clans' ranges from 1 to 20.
'Molybdenum per 100 clans' ranges from 1 to 20.

When the Crystalline Entity has absorbed the lifeforms on the planet, it will
transform life into energy. As a byproduct minerals are produced. For every
mineral a factor has to be set from 1 to 20. If the factor is 20, then for
every 100 clans natives or colonists who were absorbed by the Crystalline
Entity 20 kt Neutronium will be produced and left on the planet.

An example:

The factor for Neut. is 20, for Dur. and Trit. 16 and for Moly. 12. There are
5 mio. natives and 1 mio. colonists living on the planet. That's together 6
mio. lifeforms, or 60'000 clans lifeforms. 100 percent are absorbed by the
Crystalline Entity. The minerals produced are:

Neutronium: 60'000 : 100 * 20 = 12'000 kt
Duranium: 60'000 : 100 * 16 = 9'600 kt
Tritanium: 60'000 : 100 * 16 = 9'600 kt
Molybdenum: 60'000 : 100 * 12 = 7'200 kt

'Maximum Neutronium' ranges from 0 to 15'000 kt.
'Maximum Duranium' ranges from 0 to 15'000 kt.
'Maximum Tritanium' ranges from 0 to 15'000 kt.
'Maximum Molybdenum' ranges from 0 to 15'000 kt.

These are the maximum kilotons of minerals that can be left on a planet. If
more than these maximum values werd produced by the Crystalline Entity, the
rest will be discarded. If 12'000 kt Neutronium werde produced, but the max.
for Neutronium is 10'000 kt, only 10'000 kt will be added to the minerals in
the ground of the planet, the rest of 2'000 kt will be discarded. There has
to be a max., because if 10 mio. lifeforms were absorbed by the Crystalline
Entity, and all mineral factors were set to 20, the planet would have 20'000
kt of every mineral on it, and that would in my opinion really spoil the

'Odds for a new CE to appear' ranges from 1 to 100 percent.

Once the Crystalline Entity has been killed (I'll cover the 'killing' later),
there is each turn a chance that a new one will appear in the echo cluster.
The odds can be set from 1 to 100 percent. If they are set to 100 percent, a
new Crystalline Entity will appear at a random spot in the echo cluster just
the next turn after the old one was destroyed.

'Surviving clans for code' ranges from 10 to 500 clans.

If enough colonists survive the attack of the Crystalline Entity, scientists
will find a part of the destruction code needed to kill the Crystalline
Entity. The complete code consists of three different parts. Only if all
three parts are known the Crystalline Entity can be destroyed. If this option
is set to 50, scientists on every planet with 50 or more surviving clans will
find a part of the destruction code.

'Beam tech for destruction' is 5 (Disruptor) or 8 (Heavy Disruptor).

To destroy the Crystalline Entity a ship has to meet several conditions. This
option sets one of them, the beam tech level needed to kill the Crystalline
Entity. The beam weapon has to be a kind of disruptor, either a Disruptor
or a Heavy Disruptor. This option exists to enable unregistered Planets-users
an easy way to destroy the Crystalline Entity.

'Picture base number' ranges from 1 to 999.

The image files for WinPlan are named from VPAUX001.BMP to VPAUX999.BMP. Most
add-ons use their own number, but because there are more add-ons every month,
the situation may occur that two add-ons try to use the same image number.
The later installed add-on would overwrite the existing file, and the wrong
picture would be shown in the first installed add-on. To avoid this conflict
the picture number for the Crystalline Entity add-on can be set by the host.
Only one image is used by this program. WinPlan players only have to run
the CECONFIG setup program, set 'Picture base number' to the same value the
host has set and press the 'e' key to extract the picture into the WinPlan
BMP-directory. The default setting should only be changed if there really is
an image conflict with an other add-on.

The Crystalline Entity

The Crystalline Entity will search a target and then travel to it. It is not
affected by ion storms and minefields. If it reaches its target destination,
it will wait one turn before it attacks. It will absorb a random amount of
colonists and natives and transform life into energy. As a byproduct minerals
are produced. After the attack it will leave the planet heading for a new
target. If at any time a ship is at the same position as the Crystalline
Entity, it is destroyed immediately, if it hasn't set the friendly code to
the complete destruction code.

But how can you destroy this killing monster? That's quite difficult. First,
you have to know the complete destruction code. It doesn't matter whether
you found all parts yourself or you learned them from another player. If it
is the correct code, it will work. If it isn't the right code, your ship is
toast. Every ship that has its friendly code set to the correct destruction
code won't be destroyed by the Crystalline Entity. However, to destroy the
Crystalline Entity a ship has to meet several conditions:

-It must have its friendly code set to the destruction code.
-It must have a hull mass greater than or equal to 100 kilotons.
-It must have two or more Transwarp Drive engines.
-It must have four or more beam weapons.
-It must have the correct beam weapon type. (Disruptor or Heavy Disruptor)

The destruction code is a resonance frequency. Only if all these conditions
are met, the ship will create this complex frequency. The resulting resonance
waves will be amplified by the crystalline structure of the Entity. Soon the
resonance waves will create shockwaves of enourmous destructive power inside
the crystalline structure. The Crystalline Entity won't be able to deal with
these powers. It will burst into millions of small crystals. These particles
will spread in space and soon no more traces of the Crystalline Entity can be

The ship that created the resonace frequency will also be caught by the
shockwave. The shockwave won't damage the ship, but it will carry it up to
500 LY away from its position. If the ship had a waypoint set, it will be
carried in the direction of the waypoint by the shockwave. If no waypoint was
set, the shockwave will carry the ship in a random direction. The shockwave
will have the same effect on all other ships at the same position as the ship
that destroyed the Entity. Therefore, the destruction of the Crystalline
Entity can be a very effective way to travel long distances, even a surprise
attack at an enemy is possible. But because of the enourmous power of the
shockwave all races in the echo cluster will notice it and receive a message
were it came from. However, a ship with a hull mass less than 100 kt will by
destroyed by the shockwave.

The exact distance a ship will be carried depends on its mass. (hull mass AND
cargo mass!) The formula for the distance is:

Distance = 5000 / Sqrt(ShipMass)

A ship with a total mass of 150 kt would be carried 408 LY, and a ship with a
mass of 1500 kt would be carried 129 LY.

WinPlan players can see the Crystalline Entity on the starmap, dos players
can't. Therefore, if the Crystalline Entity is detected by one of the players
planets or ships, a message is sent, telling him the position, heading and
speed of the Crystalline Entity. The program will also send a reminder every
ten turns it is active.

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Re: Jupiter Settings for The Pit 4

Post#3 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:59 am

Kassengestell wrote:nice.
but what is "crystal entity" ?

the docs at your addon-section dont say anything about it...

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Re: what is "crystal entity" ?

Post#4 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:53 am

ok, thanks!

so the entity move from planet to planet destroy ships and clans on the planet and leave some minerals, right ?

and under some circumstances you are able to kill the entity.
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Re: what is "crystal entity" ?

Post#5 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:53 am


Each time he destroy a planet you will get a part of the code. Once you have to correct code, and with a big enough ship you can kill\attack it.

It travels long distances between attacks (usually between different players empires), so you normally have a few turns notice before the attack.

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