The Tomb HConfig & Host Addon Settings

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The Tomb HConfig & Host Addon Settings

Post by Havok » Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:31 pm

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 Recycle rate of colonizing ships  75 %

 Odds of a large meteor impact     0 %

 Mine fields                       YES

 Web Mine Fields                   YES

 Alchemy Ships                     YES

 Delete old messages               YES

 Disable all passwords             NO


     Ground Combat Attack Ratios

 The Solar Federation                                        1  : 1

 The Lizard Alliance                                         30 : 1

 The Empire of the Birds                                     1  : 1

 The Fascist Empire                                          15 : 1

 The Privateer Bands                                         1  : 1

 The Cyborg                                                  1  : 1

 The Crystal Confederation                                   1  : 1

 The Evil Empire                                             1  : 1

 The Robotic Imperium                                        1  : 1

 The Rebel Confederation                                     1  : 1

 The Missing Colonies of Man                                 1  : 1


    Ground Combat Defense Ratios

 The Solar Federation                                        1  : 1

 The Lizard Alliance                                         10 : 1

 The Empire of the Birds                                     1  : 1

 The Fascist Empire                                          5  : 1

 The Privateer Bands                                         1  : 1

 The Cyborg                                                  1  : 1

 The Crystal Confederation                                   1  : 1

 The Evil Empire                                             1  : 1

 The Robotic Imperium                                        1  : 1

 The Rebel Confederation                                     1  : 1

 The Missing Colonies of Man                                 1  : 1


    Free Starbase Fighters

 The Feds                                                    0

 The Lizards                                                 0

 The Bird Men                                                0

 The Fascists                                                0

 The Privateers                                              0

 The Cyborg                                                  0

 The Crystal People                                          0

 The Evil Empire                                             5

 The Robots                                                  0

 The Rebels                                                  0

 The Colonies                                                0


    Mineral Mining Rates

 The Feds                                                    70 %

 The Lizards                                                 200 %

 The Bird Men                                                100 %

 The Fascists                                                100 %

 The Privateers                                              100 %

 The Cyborg                                                  100 %

 The Crystal People                                          100 %

 The Evil Empire                                             100 %

 The Robots                                                  100 %

 The Rebels                                                  100 %

 The Colonies                                                100 %


    Tax Collection Rates

 The Feds                                                    200 %

 The Lizards                                                 100 %

 The Bird Men                                                100 %

 The Fascists                                                100 %

 The Privateers                                              100 %

 The Cyborg                                                  100 %

 The Crystal People                                          100 %

 The Evil Empire                                             100 %

 The Robots                                                  100 %

 The Rebels                                                  100 %

 The Colonies                                                100 %


    Race Advantages

 Rebels build fighters in space     YES

 Colonies build fighters in space   YES

 Robots build fighters in space     YES

 Cloaked ships may be Robbed        NO

 Empire's Dark Sense range          200 LY

 Lizards can use hiss mission       YES

 Rebels can use ground attack       YES

 The Feds can super refit           YES

 Cyborg assimulation rate           100 %

 Colonial fighter mine sweep rate   20

 Colonial fighter can sweep webs    NO

 Effect of HISSS mission            5

 Rob mission failure rate           1 %

 Planets can attack Rebel ships     NO

 Planets can attack Fascist ships   NO

 Science ship bonus                 YES

 Fed crew bonus                     YES


    Ranges and Rates I

 Odds that a cloak will fail        0 %

 Fuel used to cloak                 5

 Ships without fuel can move        YES

 Ship visible range (StarCharts)    300 LY

 Sensor mission range               200 LY

 New natives will appear            YES

 Planetary 'NUK' friendly codes     YES

 Overpopulations eat supplies       NO

 Isotope Trans-uranium Mutation rate   5

 Planetary structures decay rate     1

 Web mine decay rate                 5 %

 Mine field decay rate               5 %

 Odds of hitting a mine per L/Y      1 %

 Odds of hitting a web per L/Y       5 %

 Maximum mine field radius           150 LY

 Mine detect range                   200 LY

 Mines destroy enemy mines           YES


    Ranges and Rate II

 Engine tech boosts shield power     YES

 Engine tech boosts shield power %   50

 Mine field sweep rate                 4

 Web mine field sweep rate             3

 Mine field sweep range  (LY's)        5

 Web mine field sweep range (LY's)     0

 Cloaked ship will hit mine odds       0.5 %

 Amount of damage that prevents cloak  1

 Ships with one engine can tow         NO

 Hyperdrive ships                      YES

 Climate death rate                    10 %

 Planets have gravity wells            YES

 Crystal people like desert worlds     YES

 Normal mines destroy web mines        NO

 Climate limits population             YES


   Meteor Impacts

 Odds of small meteor impact on all    12 %

    Minimum Neutronium                 10 KT

    Minimum Duranium                   10

    Minimum Tritanium                  10

    Minimum Molybdenum                 10

    Maximum Neutronium                 200

    Maximum Duranium                   200

    Maximum Tritanium                  200

    Maximum Molybdenum                 200

 Number of LARGE meteors impacting     0

    Minimum Neutronium                 100

    Minimum Duranium                   100

    Minimum Tritanium                  100

    Minimum Molybdenum                 100

    Maximum Neutronium                 10000

    Maximum Duranium                   9000

    Maximum Tritanium                  9000

    Maximum Molybdenum                 7000

    Send Meteor Messages               YES


     Cloning and Other

   Maximum income per planet           5000MC

   Ion Storm activity                  5 Storms

   Firecloud Warp Chunnel              YES

   Advanced Birdmen Super Spi          YES

   Ion storms hide minefields          YES

   Glory device (D19, Saber)           YES

   Loki Class Anti-cloaker function    YES

   Lady Royale Gambling Ship           YES

   Cloaked ships can attack            YES

   Ship Cloning                        YES

   Crystal/Privateer Boarding Party    YES

   Star Destroyer Imperial Assult      YES

   Cobol class free fuel per LY        2 KT

   Aries can convert minerals to fuel  YES

   Bioscanners                         YES

   Hull Tech not slowed by mine hits   7

   Loki Decloaks BirdMen Ships         YES

   VPA Extra Features                  NO

Atomic Host
I'm only use a small portion of the old Atomic Host addon which deals with Space Anomalies.
Sub Space Anomalies

I have added to the echo cluster sub space anomalies. They randomly
appear anywhere in the echo cluster. There are 15 anomalies active at
one time. These anomilies will show up in WinPlanets as UFO objects.
These anomalies can be detected from 140ly away by ships only. These
anomalies have gravity wells that suck ships into them. The ships can
detect the range of the anomalies from 140ly away. You can escape the
gravity wells by orbiting a planet. The planets gravity will keep you
there. In normal space you will be gradually moved towards the anomaly at
a rate depending on the strength of the anomaly, and the distance you
are from its centre. Ships can't cloak when they are in range of an
anomaly. Anomalies also disrupt transporter activate. If you reach
the centre there is a range of things that will happen to that ship:

Worm Holes - These worm holes are a random and fixed phenomenon.
They are two way and any ship can safely travel
through them.

Black Holes - These phenomenon cause damage to the ship. The damage
is random and a ship will only survive a few months
inside it. Supplies can be used to repair the ship to
sustain it for longer.

Crew Mutations - The crew on board the ship will mutate into an enemy
race. The race will gain total control of the ship.
Races that are not in the game will not be given ships.

Ship Mutations - The ship can sometimes mutate totally randomly into a
ship with different specs. The ship will not necessarily
have specs that meet the original limitations
eg A sdsf with 10 Heavy Phasers. The specs that
change are hull, engine, beam type and number of beams.
N.B. This my give an error in the host run complaining
about the amount fuel or cargo on a ship, host will
just trim of the excess thats all.

Pention Pulse - This will cause the systems on a ship to change
eg. the amount of money, FC, name etc.

Inverse Tachyon - This will cause the ship to enter cloak. The cloak will
Pulse last as long as the mission is unchanged.
N.B. The mission may say "NULL" in the VGAP but it
means cloak.

Radiation - The phenomenon emits a radiation that kills some of
the crew.

Dimensional - A rift in the barriers that separate the infinite
Rift dimensions breaks down at this point leaving a gateway
to infinite parallel universes. Your ship will have
identical ships in other dimensions which will come
through the rift.
Your ship will multiply 1 - 10 times.

Crew Insanity - The crew become warped by the phenomenon and transform
into a non-specific race (none of the races which
already exist).
They will remain in deep space and attack anything
that comes too close. They also become partially

Most of these phenomenon only last for one investigation then they will
dissipate. Worm Holes and Black Holes can be sealed by providing them
with a large amount of mass. 1200kts of minerals on a single ship will
seal an anomaly.

Centaurian Legacy

Code: Select all

    Centaurian Legacy is an add-on for Tim Wisseman's ever popular play-
by-mail computer game, VGA Planets.

    Long ago, well before any of the eleven races had arrived in the
Echo Cluster, the concentration of stars was populated by an incredibly
sophistocated and benevolent race of thinkers:  The Centaurians...
Born amidst the ion-rich star cluster of the Echo, the Centaurians
prospered and grew into a mighty empire that spanned the entire
sector.  Their mammoth starships would inspire awe among anyone
who was graced with their tremendous visages.  For millenia, the
Centaurians thrived in the Echo Cluster, a proud civilization
and monument of intellect and ethics.

    The seat of the Centaurians' magnificent domain was their
homeworld, Centauri.  A planet referred to as "heaven" by some
of its inhabitants, Centauri was a place teeming in all that is
desirable, and devoid of everything that is not.  A perfect atmosphere,
an internal core rich in every mineral necessary for an invincible fleet,
and technology beyond anything that has yet been rediscovered, the
planet did indeed deserve its nickname.  Even more impressive was
the huge starbase that orbited the planet. The base, known as
"The Pillar of Justice," bore the technologies that allowed the
Centaurians to rule the stars unchallenged.

    It remains unknown how the Centaurians disappeared from the
Echo Cluster.  Various (and conflicting) speculations point to
a myriad of different fates for the seemingly extinct people.
Some say that another powerful entity came to the Echo Cluster
and ruthlessly annihilated the Centaurians.  Others choose
to think that the Centaurians finally discovered a way to
transcend their physical selves and became something greater
than mortal.  Regardless, all that now remains of the once
magnificent race are mysterious obelisks that float in deep
space.  While their true purpose is unknown, the obelisks definitely
have profound effects on spacefaring vessels that visit them.
One Federation captain has claimed that one of these obelisks emitted
an overwhelming wave of positrons that pushed his starship a hundred
lightyears off course.  Others have stated that the mysterious
obelisks can enhance the technology of their own very ships.

    Some superstitious believers think that the homeworld of the
ancient Centaurians still exists .. replete with its advanced,
yet now dormant, technologies.  To this day, however, the secrets
of the Centaurian Legacy remain unknown.

There are essentially two parts to Centaurian Legacy.
The first is the obelisks that populate the Echo Cluster, and
the second is the Centaurian Homeworld.

    The Obelisks
The host sets the starting number of obelisks in the 
game, set the regeneration rate of obelisks, and set the maximum number of
obelisks in existence.  When this maximum is reached, no new obelisks
will be spawned until the players have triggered some so that there
is space for more.

The host can also enable, disable, and configure each
individual type of obelisk, of which there are twelve.  While the behavior 
of the obelisks has not been officially cataloged, they all seem to carry
a specific color pattern that matches the way they react to approaching
ships.  To investigate an obelisk, a player need only fly one of his
or her ships to its location in space, and it will activate.

    The Homeworld
Perhaps one of the most decisive possessions in the Echo Cluster is
the ancient homeworld of the Centaurians.  When a player successfully
lands at least one clan of colonists on the Centaurian homeworld
(which is selected at random from the unowned planets in the cluster),
he is alerted to the fact that he has found it, and all other players
in the game are informed of the discovery, as news this critical cannot
be contained. 


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