Welcome to Invasion 3

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Welcome to Invasion 3

Post by Havok » Sat Feb 22, 2014 11:17 pm

Invasion 3 - The goal is simple, capture and control enemy homeworlds. One point is scored for every enemy homeworld under control. Points are cumulative from turn to turn. First player with 100 pts wins. Game runs 2 days a week & when all turns are in.

Mods: Starbase+, RacePlus.
Shiplist: TList - Eng Shield Bonus ON @ 50%.
Map: Custom.
Random HW Locations.
Extra Rich HW. Random Normal Planets. Very High Pop. Very High Money.
Starbase @ HW with 2 ships.
TimHost 3.22.47.
Rank To Join: Space Cadet.

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