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RacePlus OrderOfOperation

Post by Andor » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:13 am

Interesting turn of events this turn (42). Last turn I set a Bright Heart's FC to EGG and transferred 1 kt of fuel to a MCBR. This turn I read the message that my Sabotage was a success doing 110% damage.

Ship #75 has successfully
carried out a sabotage mission against
ship #61 causing 111 percent
damage to its target.

Then a few messages later I get this:

FROM: 075-Bright
We have been robbed by the
Privateer ship

U-201 was ship #61 and was destroyed by the sabotage. I was decloaking to tow a LDSF away so at least I wasn't robbed while cloaked. However, according to Host OrderOfOperation AUXHOST 1 (sabotage) runs before Rob mission. This suggests it shouldn't have been possible for that ship to rob me. I guess it was possible that there was another ship named U-201.

As it turns out the Borg base's FC was set to EGG and I would have lost my ship anyways because I decloaked to tow the LDSF. Nice shot!

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